Zimbabwe's fight for Hamilton's great satisfaction Masakadze


The self-esteem of feeling well in the situations where better teams fought is Zimbabwe's biggest acquisition in Bangladesh, says Hamilton Masakadza, their captain. In the second test, Zimbabwe fought when he received a deficit of 218, but on the last day, he pushed the game to another session. Eventually they lost a test with a series that ends 1-1.

In the last three years, they have fought in South Africa, England, Australia and Sri Lanka in Mirpur, England and Australia, for the first time in Bangladesh trying to defeat it.

"I think that for us the biggest thing is the way the boys played in both tests, they just showed us what we can do as a team," said Masakadza. "This will give us a lot of confidence that goes on. Because you were in battles, it really hardens and you get better off on the other side. This is the biggest lesson and the greatest positive situation for us.

"We came in and showed what we can do abroad, conditions that were really difficult for a lot of people all over the world. We came and really competed and played in Bangladesh, so this is really positive and great for us."

Masakadza was attributed to Brendan Taylor because he became the first Zimbabwean winner to score twice in every test injection of Test and Kyle Jarvis for bowling in the entire tournament. In Sylhet, the spin trio was Sikandar Raza, Brandon Mavute and Wellington Masakadze, who kept the home page under pressure.

"In this game, the world record of world class players in Brendan Taylor, who really showed how he struck in this situation, was really impressive of him, in a way that struck him in both.

"Kyle Jarvis was also well pulled, also in Sylhet, Tendai Chatari. The scissors gave us balls in every game yesterday, and in the first run came sparrows with Brandon [Mavuta], my brother [Wellington Masakadza] and Sikander [Raza] bowling really good, "he said.

Masakadza was the miners who gave preference before the fourth morning when Bangladesh reduced to 25 by 4 in the first hour.

"If we were able to build on these four cards, we might be able to keep them up to a kind of 320-350, which we would definitely want to get their options.

"This ball did not really get worse, or it made a mistake as much as we expected, or as much as it usually does. If we could manage to get a little more than four, they could have been under pressure."

But for all the achievements in both tests, Masakadza said that fewer matches in the near future are not "ideal" for the team. It is likely that their only international cricket will be in the next six months of the Test in India, which is likely to be held in March.

"I did not really have a look, but I think we have only one series between now and the next six months, and that's a few games against India. It's the only thing that's on the radar.

"I know the board is trying to organize some more games for us, but I do not know how far this has gone. It will be the next challenge for us. It's not ideal if you wait for it, but you have to take it as it is."


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