World AIDS Day 2018 around the corner


Tadiwa Nyatanga-Pfupa
National and provincial members of the commission for the preparation of WAD, who performed on the scene

Preparations for this year's World AIDS Day (WAD) are in the advanced phase with the event organizers, the National Assistance Council (NAC), which is sure to host a successful event.

The event will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at the Secondary School Rujeko in Glendale, in the district of Mazowe, in the center of Mashonaland. The district was specifically chosen as the site of commemorations because the high prevalence of HIV was 18.6 per cent, which is more than the prevalence of Zimbabwe as a whole, currently at 14 per cent.

The theme for 2018 is: Get to know your status. The topic concerns the background of HIV infection that is still recorded. In addition to encouraging people to know just about their HIV status, this year's issue has been expanded to invite everyone to review other conditions such as Tuberclosis (TB), STIs and other non-communicable diseases, the most important of which, cancer. Those who are positive for HIV must know their CD4 count and their viral load. If you know these, Zimbabwe will reach 90 for 90 to 90 targets by 2020 and eventually end AIDS by 2030. 90 out of 90 to 90 targets indicate positive HIV positive, 90 percent of those who are HIV positive, Those who are on treatment must discard viral load.

NAC and all of their HIV response partners continue to call for the strengthening of HIV prevention strategies that include HIV testing and counseling, voluntary male circumcision, prevention of mother-to-child transmission, HIV treatment, zero discrimination, sexual violence , the condom uses among other things.

All of Africa, Zimbabwe as a state and the National Council for the Fight Against Aids (NAC), as the national response coordinator, work precisely to revive the prevention of HIV infection in order to complete AIDS by 2030.

Interested parties and implementing partners are ready to dismantle the programs and services they offer in the national response to HIV and Aids alongside features.

WAD marking in 2017 in Bulaway

Evelyn Chamisa, a member of the national organizing committee, is convinced that this year's holiday will be considered as one of the best WAD events in the region, if not. "This year, we have a team of vibrant board members at national and provincial levels. Past experiences have taught us what to stick with and what to do again. Our memories are improving each year, and this year, Zimbabwe is a promising event that is impeccable in terms of planned activities and enrichment regarding information about HIV and related conditions, "she said. Mrs Moren Masanzu of Glendale, a member of the planning committee at the provincial level, said that it is an honor for Glendale residents to host such a prestigious national event. "People from Glendale are looking forward to reminisce about World AIDS Day. I am happy this year's theme, which clearly shows that people should never be afraid to know what their status is," she continued. "People need to know , what their status is, so they can hinder the transmission of new infections. The evil of late detection is that people are dying. "

Mashonaland Central has approximately 99 000 people living with HIV and approximately 2 940 new HIV infections a year.

Hosting the event in 10 provinces in the country takes place on a rotational basis. Province Bulawayo hosted memories of 2017 and for 2016 it was the Kwekwe site in the Midlands region.

Mashonaland Central hosted the event ten years ago.

Candlelight memories and HIV prevention campaigns are some of the activities that will take place before the World AIDS Day in 2018.

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