Will Spice Girls Release New Music? This is what we know very far


I doubt that you will hear the news from me, but only if you are, make sure you do not sit down as it can fall from the table. I have four words: SPICE. SPEAKS. REUNION. TOUR (!!!) Say you will be there, and you will return where you belong – crying and shouting together to the hits that recorded some of the best memories. If you want to see all these live classics, it's probably once in a lifetime, but what else will be added to the setlist? As they reunite, Spice Girls will release new music?

While rumors of the merger tournament are practically burning, with all five spices reunited for an iconic performance at the 2012 Olympics, the upcoming album reports came about a year ago. November 12, 2017, NME claimed that all five girls would record an album with a full-length album and issue a television recording. While the trip was confirmed, there were not many signs of any of the above – so, perhaps, are the biggest Christmas gifts on the go? Spices allegedly spoke of the merger since the summer of 2017, but now it has been six long years since they last worked together, the time to spice up your life has long been a delay.

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"As they stand, they will take part in a series of projects that will include an album and a television clip that celebrates Spice Girls", said the source The sun November 11, 2017. Something similar was shown again in February, when it's like Independent a source close to the girls confirmed that the afternoon thoughts survived on February 2, 2018. While they are rather unclear about the issues of new music, the spices say that "Time is now right to explore some incredible new opportunities together. "

"We all agree that there are many exciting opportunities that will again incorporate the original essence of The Spice Girls, while reinforcing our message on women's strengths for future generations," the statement said, Independent. Since then, he has always focused on the upcoming tour and whether Becks will look or not. And no, it will not, by the way.

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But it's still everyone guessing whether you will hear Posh's vocals on a potential new album. While a year ago sounded like a sure thing, unless the girl was surprised by the surprise, it does not look like the new Spice Girls song series will soon be released. I asked the group if you could expect something soon, but even if the new Spice Girls material does not contribute for a while, they have enough secrets and classics to fill in more lists.

And while all of their older hits were more than keeping up, I would not mind to hear what a new Spice Girls song will be and how to inspire the next generation of strong women. But by that time, she is still "Viva Forever".


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