The robbers encounter the Buyange shopping gear in South Africa


The founder of the African group Medallion, Frank Buyanga, has condemned the shooting of two guards after ten robbers appealed his Toyota Land Cruiser to steal gold in Boksburg, South Africa.

Two men, Francois Swart and Dale Collins, were seriously injured during the attack, which caused resentment in the country with the worst rates of violent crime in the world. Police in the Republic of South Africa started hunting suspects who used armored balloons in a robbery and fled the scene in VW Golf.

Police spokesman Kay Makhubele said two Toyota users were injured when their car was loaded with bullets and struggling to live in a hospital where they receive specialist medical care. "They were carrying gold along the R21 at Jet Park in Boksburg when they were attacked by the group," said Makhubele.

"Unfortunately, two shotguns were shot and seriously injured during the experiment."

The suspects escaped in two limousines, without being able to take anything, and the police invite anyone who got the information. "We call on all members of the public who could have information that could lead to arrests of these suspects to contact the nearest police station," added Makhubele.

South African gold dealer AMG said that the scenes from the CIT robbery at R21 in Gauteng were a horrific and regular phenomenon in South Africa. "The AMG Group is deeply saddened by yesterday's events. We would like to send our prayers and sincere thoughts to the families of Francois Swarta and Dale Collins who are working in our industry," he said in a statement posted on the company's social media. platforms.

AMG said that the shootings once again highlighted the onset of violence in South Africa. Although the degree of humiliation in South Africa is gradually decreasing, it remains one of the most violent countries in the world.

"AMG is sad about the high crime rate in South Africa and continues to pray for a better and safer South Africa." AMG – an African initiative that raises awareness of wealth creation and the involvement of Africans – based in Sandton, is one of the largest African precious metals and develops and distributes precious metals – mostly gold and related products, such as medallions and krugerrands.

Since its inception in 2017, the AMG, known for its intense innovation, has produced and sold many medallions in this short time. This included the sale of the Pan African 1/4 Oz Fine Gold Medallion, which was released in April last year and was sold out in record time. The initial startup continued with breaking records and since then set new standards of excellence.

But the gold industry in which it operates in South Africa faces a severe crisis resulting from a daily attack of attacks in cash and gold that jeopardize the safety of employees and the public.


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