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Mtandazo Dube

Prince Mushawevato, the correspondent of Sunday Mail Leisure, filed a police report on death threats, social media attacks, and shave-ups by angry biasers Jah Prayzah.

Jah Prayzah explains the meaning
Jah Prayzah in the song "Chitubu"

The report was filed at Braiseide police station after aggressive attacks on a scribe posted by Jah Prayzah in social media and accused Mushawevat of unfairly targeting his work.

Jah Prayzah responded to a routine review of the album Mushawevat, in which the writer offered his opinion on the recently released album Chituba Singer.

"It is painful for me that after you have all the way (sic) and foolish nights for the product that most people told you that you are so fond of you, there is still some journalist who believes that I owe him some of my fruits , he thinks the same project and hopes to influence the whole world to like my album, "read the part of Jah Prayzah's response to the criticism that his" cyber army "was dumbfounded.

In the twelve days of the previous week, Mushawevato had to escape from physical violence committed by his followers Jah Prayzah.

The first incident took place at the Braeside Shopping Center.

"I was almost hit by the blue Toyota Runx. At first I thought he was innocent, but what I said later, I was scared. If I say one of the guys literally, he said:" eh wangu, I hope it will be wakanyora because but the kukusota size is inokwana chaiyo. Ungatuke Jah iwe? "(I hope you have the last will, because we will deal with you. Who should complain about Yah?"), "Mushawevata told.

They quit before the stunned Mushawevata could recover and get acquainted with the registration number of the car.

Then she began to abuse in his Twitter and Facebook accounts. It was not over.

Later, when Mushawevato went through the usual weekends around art events in the vicinity of Harare, he encountered a horrifying group and the founder was saved when he attempted to attack him.

"I do not know what happened to the prince Anowanzouya billboard," said Vapfanha ava vaizviti Team JP vaida kumudya. "Takatozopindira zvaipa" (We thought they were kidding just because the prince was here.) We did not know that these guys were called Team JP, actually wanted to damage him. We had to act), "said the kicker.

Mushawevato said he did not understand how Jah Prayzah could give such accusations against him and raise his fans.

"If you make online stories quickly or visit a library, you will notice that more than 90 percent of stories written in Yah Prayzah have raised and celebrated their career. But he decides to exclude some articles where we criticize, not his colorful personal life but music. It's amazing.

"So, as the reporters on Sunday and reporters in general should only have to sing Jah Prayzah? This shows that this man is obsessed with boots. Less than 10% of articles that did not interfere with their ego were seen to be he was so excited that he endangered his life and career, "Mushawevato said last week.

The review of the albums released last week did not in any way personally attack the singer, but devoted himself to his works.

"My relationship with Yah Prayzah was always professional, I did not try to come to terms with him or his team. I never asked for any favor. Why do I wonder why I would say" a journalist who believes that I owe him some of his fruits " Zimppers is my fruit tree, I do not need another fruit, so I wonder where it comes from, "added Mushawevato. Sunday mail.


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