The game of the capitals has received incredible gifts


For dozens of players in the throne game, they have already been gifted with fame, wealth and privilege to be in one of the most talked about television shows in history.

But to say goodbye to the character you've been playing for almost a decade, it's hard, emotional.

To limit your long experience Game of Thrones, the crew and the crew received incredible and thoughtful solemn gifts from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, representatives and creators of the exhibition, reports

"Dan and David have marked this in the right way," said Iain Glen, who plays Yorach. "They gave us a recording book with paintings drawn by the art department of the most critical scenes in which we were involved, and then with some nice words on the back.

"All the crews gathered and marked the departure of each person. It was very flexible.

"It was intense because we knew it was over. Every scene we made was always" oh, it's the last time we're on this set "or" this is the last time we work with that person. " .

Scottish player Iain Glen has been in the throne since the first season. Photo / HBO
Scottish player Iain Glen has been in the throne since the first season. Photo / HBO

"There was always this feeling of loss, which made things more burning.

"The legacy will always be with us; therefore, we will not be redeemed from the thrones, because people will best remember this because we are related to it.

"It's always bitter when something ends, but it's right that it comes down to it. I feel excited to see it people. Anyone!"

Glen was involved Game of Thrones, which returns to Foxtel on Monday, from the very beginning, as Jorah Mormont, guide and mentor Daenerys Targaryen, Mother Zmajev.

The cultivation is so sweet sadness. Photo / Retrieved
The cultivation is so sweet sadness. Photo / Retrieved

It is good that the writers have given such a wonderful brave gift to the players and crew because they certainly could not take any memories or souvenirs home from the set.

Jacob Anderson, who plays the Unheard of Soldier and Daener's Gray Worm, has shown that everything is severely disassembled and cataloged.

"They often asked me if I took things home. And I liked" Do you know what these costumes are? They are like tens of thousands of pounds. "She'd be in jail."

Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, added: "If the sock disappears, there is an email, literally!"


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