The deadly role in the "critical phase" of development says Hideo Kojima – Spiel Times


The mysterious Hideo Kojima has published the news of his even more mysterious Creation of Mortal Leave Twitter just right. Kojima, which explains production and development, says that the game is in the "critical phase".

Kojima wrote that Death Stranding is not in the phase of difficulty and troubleshooting. Instead, the development team actually compiled a game that they developed on their development machine to become one end product.

"DS (Death Stranding) is not in the phase of difficulty and troubleshooting, but it is [in the stage of] combining parts of tools made on a development machine into one game, "wrote Kojima in Japanese.

Kojima claims to play the game directly on the PlayStation 4 by linking parts, fixing operations, specifications, and problems. Kojima productions are in the process of "cleaning and scraping".

"While I played the game directly on the actual PS4 machine, I connected parts, repaired the operations, instructions, specifications, problems, and the process of bladder and scraping. Critical phase, "wrote Kojima.

PlayStation recently released its state of play video series, the first episode of which will be available on March 25 to announce new games that show the game and give details of new releases or updates. We thought about the update that Kojima published today, and maybe we'll get some details about Death Stranding on March 25th. We do not yet have a release date for Death Stranding. We will update as soon as the update is available.

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