"St. Baldrick's Day helps raise money for cancer research in children in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS – Two local bars were full of people who had cut their heads this weekend to raise money and be aware of cancer research in childhood.

Foundation St. Baldrick's was in New Orleans since 2003. Every March, the organization raises tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research in children.

On Saturday morning, in McCool's Irish Pub, hundreds of people who watched more than 80 volunteers gathered their heads on the foundation. This is the tenth year when the inn hosted a shaving event as it collected more than $ 930,000 from 2010 and, according to the organization, made hundreds of heads.

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This year, the target of fundraising was almost $ 137,000, which would make Finn McCools more than $ 1 million since joining the cause.

On Sunday afternoon, another 30 volunteers boarded the Deutsches Haus at Bayou St. John, where they looked at $ 60,000 for research.

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Volunteers with a foundation, such as Dean Arnett, have said that the sporty new hairstyle is nothing compared to the challenges that these children are facing.

"Our goal is to A, to get rid of cancer for children together, so we take children out of cancer, but for those who survive so that they do not have secondary illnesses, secondary cancer," Arnett said.

Others have said that shaving the head helps to show solidarity with children who fight cancer, and many participants give these hair to make lashes.

Groups such as St. Baldrick's around the world gather their heads around St Patrick's Day to support children who fight cancer.

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The organization states that one in five children will not survive with a diagnosis of cancer, and those who survive are struggling with long-term effects after treatment.

Foundation St. Baldrick's, according to the Foundation, is the largest private fundraising organization for cancer research in childhood.

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