Thursday , May 13 2021

Samsung and Huawei are set to launch folders – 코리아

Galaxy Fold from Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics and Huawei are ready to present their foldable smartphones. Industrial observers say that this retractable telephone war would begin in August. At the end of February, two companies withdrew their folders at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 at the end of February, but both did not yet place their products on the market.

GSM Arena, a US IT-media house, recently reported that Samsung Electronics is ready to present its fold-away phone. "According to experts and unnamed internal sources, a Korean technological giant renewed the course and design of the screen, and tested the device, which then passed through the colors. Before starting, only a few conclusions are needed, "the news website reported.

Regarding the launch date, GSM Arena said that the July launch seems to be a less likely scenario, and added that it will be held sometime after the Galaxy Note10 Unpacked event on August 7th.

Some observers in the industry say Samsung Electronics may announce a timetable for a foldable phone during a 7-day unpacking event for the Galaxy Note 10 in New York.

It is said that Samsung Electronics will most likely launch the folding phone in August, as it will compete with Huawei to earn its name in history as the world's first fuser phone maker.

China's Huawei is likely to launch its fold-away phone in August. China's Global Times reported on July 21 that Huawei Mate X was licensed to access the network and will start selling in mid or late August.

The Global Times announced that "one of Huawei's 5G digital mobile phones, the TAH-AN00 model number, was granted a six-month license to access the test network on July 15, according to a statement by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Industrial experts have found that the 5G model of the TAH-AN00 model is very likely the Huawei Mate X folding phone, which was released in February, he added.

The Global Times reported that the Chinese telecommunications analyst stated that phone manufacturers always apply for a network access license when they get a mature product ready for marketing.

This means that it is likely that Mate X will be released in China in August and at the latest in September.

However, both companies hold their lips. Samsung Electronics says it will re-announce the launch of Galaxy Fold in a few weeks, which it preserved as it announced the suspension of the introduction of Galaxy Fold due to quality problems in April.

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