Thursday , August 5 2021

Robbie Williams stuns fans with singing "Little American Daughter"

Robbie Williams may have to pay attention to his own back when his daughter looks like she could have stolen his chart that hit the thunder.

The 44-year-old singer Angels was impressed with the singing skills of his six-year-old daughter, Teddy, when she sang for his approval.

In the clip, which is shared on Instagram, his father's eyes show with enthusiasm his oldest child with the wife of Asdin Field, who exudes a fun melody.

The scenes dissolved in the hearts of the former pious fans of Take That Stars – if some were a little confused about the child's accent.

"Some home truths come to the studio," wrote Robbie when he shared a video of his child's singing.

"With free style, Teddy!" He added when she began to return to the lyrical word about her father's sleeping and prying habits.

"From the mouth of babic ahahahah," one entertaining fan wrote in the comments section, while another noticed: "It sounds so American."

Robbie was surprised to hear that his daughter was singing about his farts

While others wrote: "Tell us more teddy ha", besides the emotional wizard with a laugh.

Many other fans predict the successful future of the little ladies.

"Oh her little American Accent so showbiz perfectly wonderful and how Robbie looked at her is pure love," wrote one fan.

While the other keys are: "She is a star in the making! I can not wait for Vegas! "

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