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Red Joan – Judy Dench is a Russian spy in this pleasant drama

A terrible British drama Red Joan (directed by Trevor Nunn), who claims to be based on the life of Melita Norwood, secretary of the suburban Bexleyheath, who for 40 years transmitted nuclear secrets to the KGB. Her story could be a persuasive film, but this is not the one in which the Stalinist Norwood angered the completely comfortable Joan Stanley (Judi Dench, of course). Among the shaking net curtains, we meet Joan, who charged her to be charged with 27 violations of the law on official secrets. Her family is confused. But when they are in custody, the pieces fall into place with the help of the impressions we go-and-amo, as if the script was written with a ping-pong stick.

They began with undergraduate life in Cambridge on the brink of World War II, young Joan (Sophie Cookson), a wide-eyed broadcaster who attracted slinky emigres and serious anti-Nazism into Bolshevik society. "It was a matter," he explains back at the moment. The result of this is the years of smuggling manorial maps, its motive, not the love of the mother of Russia, but the impeccable humanistic desire for the balance of global nuclear energy, and – cautious with cocoa – a secret passion for a handsome communist.

★★ ☆☆☆

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