Pokemon Let's Go Guide: How to Get Mythical Meltan and Melmetal


Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are now available on the web, which marks the series "the right debut of the Nintendo hybrid console. While not the direct remakes of the classic Pokemon Yellow version, the couple is very closely followed its suggestions containing the same settings, stories, and the original 151 Pokemon (plus their variants Alolan that could be obtained either from certain NPCs or downloaded more than Pokemon Go).

In spite of many similarities with the yellow, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee introduce some new elements into the series – especially Meltan, a brand new Mythical Pokemon that did not appear in any previous main pokemon game. Prepared for the mythical Pokemon, Meltana can not be obtained by conventional means, so we have compiled a guide explaining how you can add it and its developed form, Melmetal, to your collection.

How to catch Meltan

The key to Meltan in Let's Go includes linking games to Pokemon Go. As mentioned above, you can link your mobile address with "Let's Go" via Bluetooth and download any Gen 1 Pokemon you've downloaded to Switch programs. The pokemon you downloaded will then appear in Go Park, a new facility that will replace the Safari area of ​​Fuchsia. Check out our Go & Go guide for more details.

To start the download, simply talk to the receiver at the Go Park reception and follow the instructions on the screen. This is a one-way procedure; Any Pokemon you send from Go to Let's Go can not be returned to the mobile game. However, you need to complete at least one transfer to catch Meltan, as sending Pokemon on Let's Go will be rewarded with a special item in Go: Mystery Box.

Mystery Box is the key to calling Meltan in Pokemon Go. When it opens, Mythical Pokemon will begin to appear in nature for a limited time and you will be able to capture it like you would any other monster. However, you will have to act quickly to catch as much as possible; Mystery Box remains open for only 30 minutes, then you have to wait seven days before you can reactivate it by downloading another Pokemon.

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While it can usually only transfer the original 151 Pokemon, Meltan is the only exception. Once you've managed to catch one in Go, you can send it to Let's Go Go in the same way as any Gen 1 Pokemon. You can then re-enter Go Park to add it to your team.

At present, this is the only way to get Meltan in Go or Go Go. In Switch games you will not be able to find this in the wild, so if you want to add it to your collection, you will need to link two titles together. However, Pokemon is concerned that the new poker special research network that spins around Meltan will be available for Pokemon Go players during this winter season, suggesting the existence of other ways to win it in the future.

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Meltan is a pure Steel Pokemon, which stands at a height of eight centimeters, making it one of the smallest monsters in Pokemon's universe. While it may not seem particularly daunting, this has a noticeable difference: Meltan is the first mythical pokemon that can develop and be able to grow into a horrible monster called Melmetal.

How to develop Meltan

As before, Pokemon Go is the key to Melmetal. If you want to develop Meltan, you will need to store enough Candy in Go, just like you would develop most other Pokéons in the mobile game. They are obtained every time you capture Meltan or send it to Professor Willow, but be warned: you will have to cover a lot of Meltans if you hope to get evolution, since Mythical Pokemon requires an incredible 400 Bonbons to evolve.

Depending on how long it takes to reopen the Mystery Box, get enough candy to develop Meltan, it's daunting. Fortunately, if you are in stock at Rare Candies, you can use them to speed up the process. During the capture phase you can add Pinap Berries to Meltan, which will increase the number of sweets you receive if you catch it successfully. Once you've developed Meltan, Melmetal can be downloaded to Let's Go Games and re-enter it into Go Park.

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Melmetal is just like the basic shape of a pure Pokemon steel type. After the series "lore, in ancient times, she was admired for her ability to create metal. She is also able to learn a completely new move, called Double Iron Bash, a two-step steel attack that can cause the opposite Pokemon to crash.

Although it's more welcoming than other entries in the series, Pokemon: Let's Go Go to Pikachu and Eevee deeper than it might have appeared in the beginning. Before you begin on the road, be sure to see the nine tips that you should know. We also prepared a guide on how to acquire Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in Switch games. For more information, read the entire Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Review.


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