NASA Asteroid tracker: The Asteroid hit could "re-erase life on Earth" | Science | News


NASA revealed this week that the Space Rock, a few meters in size, exploded 16 miles above the Bering Sea, ten times as much energy as the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, in December.

Scientists and politicians want space agencies, such as NASA and ESA, to step up efforts to detect and track NEOs and to create ways to eliminate them.

Jay Tate, a leading scientist from Asgardia and director of the privately funded Space Guards Center in Wales, said: "Undefeated representatives represent a serious, even cataclysmic threat to human civilization, and now steps need to be taken to determine the level of risk and develop technology to protect this and future generations. "

Solar storms and outbursts can ruin electrical networks, telecommunications, pipelines and control systems, which is a threat to billions, he added.

NASA has identified more than 19,000 asteroids in orbit around the Sun that are at risk close to the Earth.

The alarm will be triggered at the first meeting of the government of Asgardia, the "space nation" with 20,000 citizens and millions of followers around the world.


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