Louis Tomlinson first saw the death of Sister Félicité


Louis Tomlinson was first seen since his younger sister Félicité Tomlinson died at the age of 18.

A person who had influenced social media was found dead in her apartment in London on March 13 following a heart attack.

While her other siblings, including Daisy and Lottie, shared Félicité tribute on social media, Singer One Direction kept her head when the family was dealing with their terrible grief.

He spent the day with his sister Daisy, who together with her twin sister Phoebe celebrated her 16th birthday.

Louis was first seen from the tragic death of his sister

The brothers and sisters rode a go-kart track for the day, dressed in the same suitcases and helmets when they drove each other.

Daisy shared photos of her day with her followers and admitted that she knew that her big day would be difficult to survive without her older sister Félicité.

"I always knew that it would be difficult today, but my family did it so fun. Birth card … I came to the last place," she gifted.

Daisy celebrated her 16th birthday to the best of her ability

She thanked her family for having entertained the day

On the other, which showed that Louis raised a sign of peace when he was posing in his helmet, Daisy wrote: "Brother, the best friend."

Judge X Factor and his family are supposed to be "destroyed" because of the tragedy that came just two years after the death of the beloved Louis's mother Johanna Deakin.

The sources near Louise were described by Félicité, known as "Fizzy" as "loving, caring, bright, passionate, popular and beautiful young lady."

Louis's sisters on Christmas Day

Louis with Felicita's sister in September 2018

Their mother, grandmother Johann, had seven children: Louis, Charlotte (or Lottie), Félicité and two twin twins, Phoebe and Daisy, Ernest and Doris.

Johanna separated from Louis's father Troy Austin when her boyfriend was just a little girl.

Louis, who is now alienated from his real father, continued with the name of his second husband, Marc Tomlinson, with whom Johanna had four other children.

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Sister Louise Tomlinson Félicité is dead


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