Khloe Kardashian says that Tristan Thompson was "happy". She was 9 months pregnant with scandal fraud


Khloe Kardashian has responded to how a very difficult period in life is to live again.

Sunday, Keep pace with the Kardashian family his episode that turned around around Khloe appeared when he found out that the boy Tristan Thompson had allegedly deceived her more women while she was pregnant. Khloe tweeted during that episode and suggested that there were a lot more that the camera was not caught while living in Cleveland, Ohio, at Thompson, who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers.

When the fan wrote: "Your sisters are so logical and supportive! I would have fairly fair shoes and actually fight, which I know can make the situation worse. It's good that they were quiet, "said Khloe, replied that she was not lost on her.

"Oh, thank God, the camera was not with me in Cleveland!" she replied. "I will not write what I have done, but just say that LUCKY I was pregnant for 9 months."

Khloe has especially shown that she supports sister Kim Kardashian West, who shared a thin tip during the episode, which gave Khloe the 27-year-old NBA star.

"I told her:" What are you going to leave? "Kim said." I'm going, think about it, you'll be worried and nervous and you have an uncertain life. Because, if he is not faithful now, he will never change. ""

On Sunday, Khloe played Kim's Tweet, which previewed the episode and wrote: "I appreciate and love you all BETTER, as you know! We ALL allowed ourselves to have this feeling! "

"I love you! Thank you for everything #KUWTK," she later wrote when the episode progressed.

As far as it goes KUWTK revealed that her sister Kylie Jenner was the one who broke the news to Khloe, Khloe commented: "I can not believe that Kylie thought she would hurt my feelings. I had to see what happened and better than my family, KUWTK. "

Khloe also provided some insight into how she could have left with Tristan at the time of her daughter's birth, True, only two days after the outbreak of the scandal.

"I wanted to have a wonderful experience in my hands and to remember what I decide to share with True when it's older," she explained. "I want her to have videos and her father's pictures there, she is holding her, etc. I want to know that she is LOVE and my luck! Infants feel energy!"

"I know that!" she continued. "I decided to feel my birth and try to have as much positive energy as I could. My only thought was about the birth of my daughter. I would not hurt nothing less than earned It was a joyful love I decided to be mature and strong for True. I've been waiting that day for so many years now! I know now, I'm looking back, I was in shock because I could not believe this would happen to me, but I "still very proud of myself how I dealt with everything . It really gave me the peace and power that I needed. "

It is clear that the re-life of the incident has affected the 34-year-old star of reality.

"Oh, my God, my heart is racing!" she admitted. "So crazy how emotions never die! You can forgive, but forget that it is not possible #KUWTK."

"I love shooting for the show and I am proud that we are all powerful and courageous that we are vulnerable, but we have to start broadcasting real-time air," she added. "This episode is about 7 months old and it's a lot to repeat myself again, but maybe I have to."

Although Khloe and Tristan calmed down the scandal, the source recently told ET that the couple continued to find out their relationship

"Khloe and Tristan still work on things, but they know what they decide to make progress, that's all that is best for their daughter, True," the source said. "Khloe is not sure how long she will be in Cleveland … It depends a lot on how things go with her and Tristan."

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