Sunday , August 1 2021

"It's embarrassing" Arsenal hero Ian Wright doubles to criticize Alex Iwobi has doubts

Ian Wright scored a 2-1 victory over Huddersfield Town following the criticism of Alex Iwobi.

Despite the opening of the Unai Emery's side, the Nigerians attacked some fans who were unhappy with the quality of the performance at the John Smith Stadium.

Naysayers argued that the skip too quickly emits the ball and does not offer enough final product to justify his status in the team.

Mesut Ozil was dismissed for a match against Huddersfield due to illness, and not for the first team.

The German is the highest-paid player in the club, and uncertainty about his role in Emery added only fanatic frustration.

In the update he posted on his YouTube channel, Wright called fans who he thought were unfair to this season.

"I just want to tell about Alex Iwobi about how well he plays and he plays well," he said. "People say" yes, but it's against Huddersfield. "But he is constantly trying, Alex Iwobi.

Ian Wright (photo by Stuart MacFarlane / Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

"Alex Iwobi is like someone like Aaron Ramsey. No matter how many batons they get, they will try to be advanced for the team."

"The fact is that this man needs support. In order to get the thrill he got, he was the best player to constantly work to progress, worked hard."

"Yes, there are still things in his game that can improve him, but he is still a young player – a young player who has passed the academy. A player who will be praised that day because he is Londoner is in the team!"

Wright urged fans to be more patient over the 22-year-old who is the product of the Arsenal Youth Academy, especially given his enthusiasm at the field, in order to try to do things even if his efforts do not always arise. off.

"The stick that is now regularly received is truly unfair," added the former attacker. "It's really unfair to a player who is trying to advance and try to continue, to beat people and of course he will put the ball away.

"Almost as if people were waiting to give him a stick, go after him!" He is a young player of Arsenal who has broken through. Do you know how difficult it is to overcome now?

Alex Iwobi during the Premier League match between Huddersfield Town and FC Arsenal

"If you want to get into the first team, and you have reached the first team and have fans, and the way our supporters base is, they can not wait to give him a stick."

For Wright, the attitude towards Iwobi by some fans is currently touching a deeper problem in the fan club.

"What happened to Arsenal fans?" he said. "Especially visiting fans, hardcore fans who leave, travel all over the place, lose patience with a young Londoner, an academic player who is doing his best."

"We have to start again and lag behind guys, especially people like Alex Iwobi. He needs him more than anyone, and now he is trying to be advanced when he plays.

"It's embarrassing and I'm sorry."

Wright's message to followers on YouTube was followed by his passionate defense of the BBC Sport Sport of the Day program.

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