HQ Trivia replaces the popular host Scott Rogowsky


Scott Rogowsky, you will miss.
Scott Rogowsky, you will miss.

Image: Dominik Bindl / Getty Images

Scott Rogowsky distinguishes himself from HQ Trivia, marking the end of the period for a popular mobile game.

Friday, TMZ reported that Rogowsky – the man who hosted the application and impressed users with his peppy digital presence and occasionally elegant jackets over the years – left the company to host a new MLB presentation of DAZN, ChangeUp.

Rogowsky also announced a nobody about the announcement, who discussed his "HQTIES" and explained precisely why he left.

"Three weeks ago I announced that I had a new job where I hosted a new, live" whip-around "baseball school, called ChangeUp on @DAZN_USA. As a lifelong baseball enthusiast, it was a dream come true, which I simply could not overlook, "Rogowsky announced.

He further said that he hoped he could work on both sides, but failed. TMZ reported Rogowsky wanted to continue to host weekend performances for HQ Trivia, but "CEO Rus Yusupov would not move."

"… Since I did not get the pleasure of a farewell performance, let me use this thread to say all the things I would say in my latest show," Rogowsky tweeted before thanking his colleagues and fans, always in my heart will be a special place for my HQties throughout the HQniverse. "

As news began to spread that Rogowsky would not return to the HQ in any capacity, the people and the app were announcing their disappointment.

Host Rich Richards has subscribed since Rogowsky's last appearance on HQ Trivia on March 24th. with a tour ChangeUp.

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