Saturday , September 18 2021

Google launches a Google Meet “app” that makes it easy to join video calls

The giant of internet search Google has introduced a standalone web application for its Google Meet video calling platform. Newly introduced Google Meet is a progressive web application (PWA) and differs from a standard application in that it runs in a web browser. Such applications are supposed to provide a faster online experience.
How Google Meet Progressive The web application works
According to Google, this PWA for Google Meet has all the same features as Google Meet online. It works on any device with Google Chrome version 73 – released in March 2019 – and later.
Which devices support the Google Meet Progressive Web App
Any device running Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, and Linux will be able to support Google Meet PWA.
Is the progressive Google Meet web app only for paid workspace customers
No, including all Google Account users Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business users, and users with personal accounts will be able to use Google Meet PWA.
How to install the progressive web application Google Meet

  • Go to on your device
  • In the upper-right corner of the browser, click Install in the URL bar
  • The Meet application appears in the application dock

Google Meet now has a time limit for group calls
Earlier this month, Google introduced a 60-minute time limit for calls from three or more participants with personal (or free) accounts. After 55 minutes of the call, all participants in the call will be notified that the call is ended. For one-on-one calls, Google continues to offer support for up to 24 hours for free Google Account holders.
Google has not given any formal reason not to impose a time limit on group calls, but the company appears to want to ensure that more people upgrade their subscription to the Individual workspace.

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