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First look: Oppo Find X and its pop-out camera

It was a shock in 2017, when the iPhone X came with a nice, almost full-screen display, marked by a strange black notch.

Frameless displays for mobile phone makers are difficult to slip because the camera on the front should be installed somewhere. In Apple's case it is placed in a notch.

Apple leaned boldly, saying the public had accepted what was clearly a compromise in design, and aggressively marketed the iPhone X as a full-screen.

Such is the luxurious power of the iPhone that Android phone makers actually copied the notch into their full-screen models. OnePlus 6 had a notch, just like Huawei P20 Pro and LG G7 ThinQ.

But one huge Chinese phone manufacturer, called Oppo, moved away from the package and prepared its solution.

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Oppo officially began in the United Kingdom last month, and finally introduced its top-selling Find X to the UK market for £ 799 ($ ​​1,000).

Business Insider took about 10 minutes with the Find X tool and found that it was quite obviously inspired by the iPhone X and its successors. The name, the OLED Find X screen, and software features, such as Portrait Mode, have shown that they are similar to Apple.

Find X has a crazy pop-out camera, which means there are no notches on the screen

However, it was one feature that was distinctly un-Apple, and this was the Find X solution for the notch.

Oppova's solution was to put the front-facing camera in a motorized pop-out section that automatically opens when you press the camera button. The camera is not just for photos and self-portraits, but for 3D facial recognition and O-mails, appearing on Apple's Animoji.

Here's a popup camera in action – watch the top of your phone:

The camera appears on your shelf and disappears again as you click away from the camera. The movement is surprisingly subtle and obviously designed to be as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

Here's the back, thanks to YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

Here's how you take photos:

The rejected camera is subtle, but you can see it at the top of the phone.
Shona Ghosh / business insider

It's hard to tell how difficult this motorized trick is. The phone is not waterproof, so it's unclear what would happen if any liquid dropped into a small slot between a series of cameras and a main smartphone. It is also difficult to determine whether the mechanism could break if dust or particles were caught in it.

With so little time with Find X it was not possible to test the durability of the pop-up camera, for example, by dropping it from the height.

And finally, practical thinking: how to buy a protective cover for a smartphone if the phone is resizing?

Marques Brownlee / YouTube / Shona Ghosh

In an in-depth review of the phone, TechRadar warned that the mechanism lasts for a full second to develop and slow down over time.

"The sliding drawer is also inclined to collect pockets and dust, which we assume is not particularly healthy for the handset when it comes back," reviewers wrote. "When prolonged, it also feels a bit spongy, because it offers moderate resistance, but it turns around a bit."

The pop-out camera is definitely appealing. At least it could help Oppo stand out in the overcrowded British market where iPhone reigns. While Oppo predominates in Asia, Viva and OnePlus in the West are still relatively unknown, together with sister companies.

Nice, like pop-out, we're trying to make it the end of the reign of the year 2019.

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