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Facebook restructured the children's team in search of AFP Youth for Post Jakarta | # AsiaNovice Network

Initial projects, such as the "LOL" for fun meme, were withdrawn from the "youth team" committee, which shifted attention to more promising products, such as the Messenger Kids app, which started more than a year ago, as to the leading social network.

"The youth team has restructured to match the most important business priorities, including increasing our investments in Messenger Kids," said Facebook in response to AFP's question.

In December 2017, Facebook introduced a version of the Messenger application that is intended for young children to connect with others under the supervision of their parents. In-app purchases are not allowed.

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The social media company then said it had created an application that was available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Thailand because many kids were taking care of the Internet online.

"We found that there is a need for a video chat and messaging application that allows children to connect with people they love, while allowing parents to have full control," said Jennifer Billock, Product Manager on the blog, which marked one year of the anniversary of the application.

"We have run country round tables in each country and continue to collect feedback from parents and outside experts."

Facebook's policies require that children have at least 13 to create an account, but many believe that they are limiting.

Facebook, based in California, seeks to attract and retain young Internet users to attract social applications with applications such as Snapchat, which is focused on photos and videos.

Facebook said that the reorganization of the team was not associated with recent disputes over a research application that paid users, including teenagers, to monitor their smartphone activity as part of their efforts to collect more data that could help in social endeavors network.

The youth team was not included in the research project, nor did they use any of the collected data, they reported from Facebook.

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