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Division 2 has a great surprise, ready for the end of the game

From the first appearance on E3 2018, the developers for The Division 2 focused on the game's end. It's a recurring theme for a number of online shooters such as Destiny and Anthem, as it's often seen as a make-or-break point for the long-term success of the game. This is something that the developers of the original division know too well. Players who have completed their campaign for vanilla have inevitably fallen, leading to a repeating cycle. Ubisoft eventually overhauled most of the game mechanics and added new encounters, leading to an impressive life cycle for the division. However, many of the players who were still burned out of the original edition missed a renaissance when other games appeared.

Continuing, Ubisoft is taking steps to ensure that it does not fall into the same trap as the original, and at the same time gives the campaign a more meaningful purpose. We recently spent some time looking at an upcoming private beta game, which can be played from February 7 to 10, offering irritation, what will happen in the early hours of the campaign, and the content of the late game that follows. After setting up a turbulent situation in the Division 2 after the outbreak of Washington D.C. During the campaign, things become more chaotic towards the end, which forces you to defend what you built in the expanded endgame.

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During this event, the developers thought about what they had learned from the original game and described their approach below.

"One of the biggest things for Division 2 is the importance of the final game and our focus on it," said creative director Julian Gerighty. "We started the Division 1 with very little content in the final video. It was a great campaign, you reached level 30, the ending started, but there was no activity. We tried to control this game live, but we saw things That was the reason for it's a very difficult decision before the patch 1.4 to stop the development of all planned features and DLCs so that we can focus on technological debt and improve tweaks to get the game where we wanted it. All this was in this , how we set up the production of Division 2 also creatively.

Division 1 is now a very different game than it was at the launch, and all for the better. This second wind is something that developers wanted to translate into a sequel, which they did in some important ways. To begin with, Division 2 will incorporate a lot of content from the existing game from updates after startup, which includes updates 1.2 for bounties, 1.4 world class, exotic weapons 1.6 and 1.8v PvP arena. These features will also be available to all players at the presentation, and future DLCs for the first year will be free. This is not only consistent with the flow and target of the current game, but also to ensure that the community remains busy.

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The new game is also a new start for all players. While the original was set up in Manhattan, Division 2 brings a new set of agents to national capital that introduces new systems and global events that emerge in this area – they represent more moments and opportunities to leave a big impression. At the beginning of the demonstration, our first mission was to re-take the White House from one of the opposite factions, which soon became your base of operations.

During the white house campaign, the influence and the supporters are increasing, the more you expand the reach of the agency in Washington. In order to reaffirm the control of the city, you will set up new settlements and cooperate with key people who will help with your rise to power. Some NPCs are available and can even be brought to the White House to upgrade different areas – leading to the acquisition of new items and benefits.

Exploration of destroyed D.C. provided great opportunities for getting to know new characters and encountered control points that are in a constant dispute. Although D.C. does not have an almost such a strong atmosphere and creepy vibe, such as the original, fill this void by presenting several reasons for exploring and participating in various side missions. Like in the original, there are ECHOs that allow you to play moments from the life of support characters. While the original felt unilateral because the characters were dead long before your arrival, several people interested in Division 2 live and relatively well, and ECHO offer more details about their connections with others throughout D.C.

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Things are particularly surprising in the ending. There is a new black-faced threat that leads to a wider final game that shakes things. Similar to 1.8 Division Hunters that appeared only in survival mode and underground DLC, Black Tusk is a roaming fraction that serves as an antithesis of the Division Division. This new fraction, which has an arsenal of high-tech weapons and gadgets that matches your own, enters D.C. and actively strives to regain cities – and even dark zones. In the two missions we played, one at the Museum of Airspace and Space and together with the Federal Emergency Exchange Center, Black Tusk turned out to be a powerful force to be counted on. Together with the use of robots that look like originating from the Boston Dynamics lab – except that this time is actually a gun – the final game faction also uses mini-unmanned aircraft and soldiers wear heavy shells that require strategic lightning to open weak. points.

During the ending, you will unlock new specializations that will further improve your character, which also opens weapons, such as the grenade launcher, a heavy sniper rifle and a crossbow. In order to find a better prey and tool, you will need to solve missions that are often more challenging than the campaign. But as is usual for the final content, you will also repeat some older missions. However, the Division 2 stuff spares by introducing a new order called Invaded Mission. During the final game, all previous missions from the campaign will have a new problem replacing existing enemies with black turquoise. In order to reduce repetition, Invaded missions randomly assimilate any meeting with Black Tusk in the level, which will lead to various battles with enemy units on each game.

This new fraction also changes the dynamics of dark areas in the ending, which actively occupies one of the areas. As described in detail in the second preview, the dynamic image of PvPvE (player against the player against the environment) in Dark Zone was upgraded to continue. In addition to three separate areas, all of which have mission stories that allow you to step out wet, the ending will introduce a busy dark zone. With one dark zone occupied by the Black Tusk, which drives weekly to another location, occupied areas also remove certain obstacles from the basic version of the PvPvE mode, in particular the balance between levels and friendly fire.

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The Black Tusk clashes in the two missions we played were intense and demanded some solid communication from our team to make it happen. However, the attacked missions felt a little tiring, which led to the moment we were caught in the room for up to 10 minutes when the units of enemy enemies were lowered. , it certainly affected the pace of some other exciting missions. Approved, we just dropped into these missions for the purpose of this demo, which came after quite early early games that we played at the beginning. They can improve when you invest in hours so you can work on this content.

However, it also reminded me of some of the major issues that I felt from Division 2, because it is somewhat too similar to the original. This greatly imitates most of what he did in his predecessor, almost to an error. Although some new innovations allow for more interesting and interesting research, the general leverage of the predator-shooter can be exhaustive and lead to those familiar moments of occasional boringness that captured the first game. Having said that I feel a new approach to endgame, although somewhat persuasive, does not offer a more convincing hook, which seemed to be absent from the original. With the task of defending the city that you have actively built and investing in the entire campaign – that can be taken by the hostile fraction. It creates a sense of urgency in a late game that was missing from the original.

It seems that Ubisoft is on the right track for Division 2. Although it is obvious that it builds from what was previously, it appears that the new functions are a natural step that continues with the renewal of the power the series saw with a revamped original game. . The Ubisoft approach with this private beta was a good way to kick tires from both ends, and it will be interesting to see how players – even those who missed the revival of the original game – take it to him. Division 2 is the second series, and hopefully it will be able to achieve renewed power.

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For more information about Division 2, including how new dark areas work and how to get into a private beta, you can view our features and articles here at GameSpot.

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