Disney + underestimates Netflix at a price of $ 7, causing a bitter battle


Los Angeles: Walt Disney Co. will charge $ 7 a month for its streaming service to present November 12, a gambit that will undermine the increasingly large-scale field of the competition giant Netflix Inc.

The company presented the service on Thursday to the sound stage, which was used to produce the original Mary Poppins, with the launch of an Apple-based online product. The platform will be lower than the most popular $ 11 Netflix plan for a few dollars and will be severely affected by Disney's financial assets. It is expected that Disney + will not be interrupted for about five years.

In addition to price and technology, the service will live or die according to its content – and there's Disney made a big statement. Disney + will include arsenal-friendly programming, including 13 classic animated films, 21 Pixar features, original series and materials from the Marvel franchise and Star Wars.

"We are convinced that this is a product that people will sign in betting," said Bob Iger, CEO (CEO) in an interview with Bloomberg television.

Disney + will begin to be introduced in the US, Western Europe and Asia in the first financial quarter, close to the end of the calendar year. It will come to Eastern Europe and Latin America a year later.

Disney intends to spend $ 1 billion for streaming programming next year and does not expect to generate profits until the fiscal year of 2024, when the platform could have 60 million to 90 million customers. Two thirds of these subscribers will be abroad, the company announced.

Disney + will also include The Simpsons, a show that he bought in Disney's 21st Century entertainment shopping.

Disney, when taking the awkward tone of the show, showed a picture of the Simpsons family with the sculpture of Darth Vader on one side and the Igers on the nearby base. A signed photo of Rupert Murdoch – Fox's billionaire mogul – was in the rubbish. The sign "Welcome Synergy" was signed above.

"I salute our new master," Bart Simpson told his family while wearing the ears of Disney's mouse.

Disney's latest theater shows will be released to the new streaming platform after the show in theaters and home video. This includes the Marvel Captain and the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin and Toy Story 4. The company had previously dealt with Netflix and others to offer its content, but Disney discontinued such partnerships – and revenues – to make its service more desirable .

For Iger, Disney + is a little swan song. The company's long-time manager reiterated on Thursday that he expects that at the end of 2021, when his contract expires, he will resign from his position as president of the board of directors.

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