Congratulations to the Beresheet – without a soft landing, but an amazing achievement


Space Beresheet lunar landing. Credit:

The Beresheet Moon crew, developed by Israeli non-profit company SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, failed to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface. The spacecraft is the first commercial mission to reach the moon. The communication was lost with Beresheet at about 489 feet above the lunar surface and hardly landed at 15.15 EDT.

Space spacecraft launched by SpaceX of Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 22, 2019, successfully migrated to the Moon Orbit on April 4th. It was the first privately owned object that landed on the lunar surface and carried a scientific burden to measure the magnetic field of the Moon, so that scientists could understand how the Moon was originally formed. The vessel had a time capsule containing digital scriptures, children's drawings, Israeli folk songs, memories of the surviving Holocaust and the Israeli flag.

During the transfer of space mission Mission Control, Opher Doron, the IAI Director-General said: "We had a spacecraft error; unfortunately we were not able to successfully land. So far, this is an exceptional achievement.

The spacecraft was developed in response to the competition for the Google Lunar X Award, which ended last year with no winner. SpaceIL, as well as other competitors, continue to pursue their ambitions to reach the lunar surface.

He emphasized the challenge posed by the moon landing and exploration of the universe. "The universe is difficult and the problem is part of the business. Nevertheless, we congratulate SpaceIL on everything they have achieved so far! They opened the way for private missions to the moon..

Space Beresheet landed during an attempt to land t Credits: SpaceIL

They also praised the colleagues of the former Google X Astrobotic prize winner who tweeted: Congratulations for so far and launching the first private mission to Moon @TeamSpaceIL! You left us all the way to the Moon. #Beresheet

she sent her congratulations and inspiration and praised the achievement of SpaceIL:Dear SpaceIL, We congratulate you on your courage and your incredible progress. We are fully aware of the difficult journey you have made and the obstacles you have overcome to achieve what you have to achieve so far. Your achievements have inspired us the same as you."

Luckily Beresheet got the last selfie when he reached the moon's surface.

Of all of us SpaceWatch.Global, we welcome SpaceIL, IAI and Beresheet. What an amazing achievement.


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