Saturday , July 24 2021

Apple enhances application developers playing with their privacy policy / Digital Information World

In 2017, Apple introduced the screen capture function for its version 11, which was useful for users who recorded videos, tested the user interface / UX in applications, and even to record the gameplay while playing Fortune.

Unfortunately, the feature is also vulnerable and allows developers to abuse it in exchange for online user activities.

Fortunately, Apple is taking steps to stop it.

Last week, the TechCrunch report revealed that several popular applications, including Expedio, Hollister and Air Canada, recorded iPhone user activities without their permission. According to the report, many of them use third party services, such as the Glassbox, which exploits the "screen capture" function and records the touch, insertion and input of the user's keypad. The full report of the same is sent to application developers.

The main purpose of recording these sessions is to capture how people use specific applications. Nevertheless, due to poor performance, sensitive customer information is capable or leaves. In fact, only last year, the App Analyst reported a violation of data where the details of 20,000 Air Canada consumers were compromised due to poor code execution.

The TechCrunch investigation also revealed similar results when several applications did not overwrite email and postal numbers during session recording. It also reported that applications such as Expedia, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada did not have a privacy policy that would highlight the recording of exploitation activities.

When contacted, Glassbox defended the accusations and claimed that their SDK only works within the boundaries of the home application. additionally; they said that their customers are those who are dealing with App Stores and its related authorities.

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So far, Apple has informed the developers of its findings and has asked them to report to the user to record an activity through transparent methods. "Failure to comply with the terms and privacy policies can be removed from the App Store" – warns Apple.

This means progression; applications will have to allow users to accept a license before recording their online activity. Apple will also review the screen capture code from developers who send their applications to the App Store to remove those who violate the privacy code.

This is certainly Apple's applauding step, which ensures the privacy of users by abandoning those who abuse its platform.

Let's wait and see how this works to improve the user's privacy.

Will you allow apps to record your online activity? Please let us know in the comments below!

Apple's attack on developers of screen capture applications is a win for privacy

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