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6 Visions that you need to drink right now


Every whiskey drink – either expert or casual – needs a ready-cooking bottle that will surely reside for every airport bar, in every hotel lobby, in every high-growth restaurant and in a diving bar. Go-it bottles are good to know, and even better to own it – it's a whiskey that you can spill when friends come in or when you just want a ruthless drama at the end of the day.

These are not those whiskey. Dumplings – often the same ones that make your bottles – are continually testing new combinations of water, barley, yeast and wood in search of new ways to express a centuries-old tradition. Sometimes their successful experiments are even on the market. These are some of our favorite whisks that have reached US shelves in the past few months, bottles that will increase the depth of the whiskey cabinet, while (mostly) leaving your bank account.

Glenmorangie Allta

Glenmorangie Allta (99 USD)

Most whiskeys tell a story about the wood in which they grow old, while others are talking about the source of their water or the microclimate where their barley is collected. Glenmorangie Allta is all about yeast. Tenth in a special edition of Glenmorangie, Allta's "raw spirit" was fermented with wild yeast, removed by Dr. Bill Lumsden, director of Glenmorangie for distillation, whiskey production and whiskey stocks, wiped from a few ears of barley. near the distillery. The result is – possibly predictable – yeast, with earthy, bready tones and a distinctly creamy layer on top of Glenmorangie's orange citrus and flower notes. At $ 100, this bottle is underestimated.

Bruichladdich Islay Barley

Bruichladdich Islay Barley


Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011 (65 USD)

Distillers in Bruichladdich (this is "Brook-laddy") talk about whiskey, about how winemakers talk about wine, and for good reason. The Islay Barley series from the distillery exists to realize the idea that whiskey may embody geography, microclimate and soil – that whiskey, like wine, is about terroir. The sixth edition of the Isle Barley series (released in April) survived only six years in a combination of former Burbon barrels and French and Austrian sweet wine barrels, which were once or repeatedly reused, the combination and duration to ensure that wood can not overcome the flavors in the spirit itself. Nose is a mixture of falling fruits and citrus fruits with a certain earthly funktion, and the flavor is a taste of some sweetness of honey barley sugars, some light, fresh and completely unconventional from a place usually associated with bold drama.

Glendronach magazine is 15 years old

Glendronach magazine is 15 years old


15 years old Glendronach Revival (90 USD)

When the Glendronach distiller in 2015 ceased production of its beloved 15-year-old term, the lack of available stocks, lovers of deep, dark and complex sherry-finished whiskeys mourned for its passage. His inventory was upgraded, Glendronach revived his 15-year term in October, renewing the taste of the old favorite to the lovers of the Sherry bomb. From the age of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso barrels of sherry, The Glendronach Revival pack sweet and dry notes of everything that creates the complexity and depth of taste that has long distinguished this Speyside distillery. Unlike many of the limited posts that are included here, this bottle is here (blissfully) to stay. If you are more suitable for a type of shortage, it should be noted that the limited quantities of the Glendronach series Grandeur Batch 10 ($ 700) were also reached by US shelves in May.

Octomore 9.1 Series

Octomore 9.1 Series


Octomore 9.1 "Dialogos" (140 USD)

Octomore, based on Islay, does not operate in the central line of whiskeys, but in a series of limited editions, each of which is experimental as next, and everything that the distiller seems to be doing with the peat malt responsibly. For smoke lovers, only each series usually contains two or three different but related iterations. The 9 series, which was released late last year, has already become inadequate in retailing – Octomore's faithful people are tilting it down, so if you encounter a bottle of light vegetable and peat seas, seafood and Christmas cakes this is Octomore 9.1, you think You are happy. If you do not take the heart; Although the distiller does not say exactly, when, next generation Octomora will likely release in the second half of this year.

Oban Bay Reserve Game of Thrones Night single malt

Oban Bay Reserve Game of Thrones Night single malt


Oban Bay Reserve Game of Thrones Night single malt (70 dollars)

If whiskey with a Scottish look, released with a TV brand tie-in, feels cool, you know it: Limited edition Game of Thrones Viscio, released by Diageo in January before the last season – any bottle representing one of the seven kingdoms of the HBO series and the praised protectors of men's worlds called the Night Guard – were much better accepted as the final season of the show.

Among them, Oban's night clock offers something special. On three sides surrounded by the city of Oban and with the fourth grave wall of the granite (even the passive enthusiasts of the performance will get a reference), the tiny Distillery Oban has no more space for expansion and few extra capacity of the special edition. With notes on citrus, cherry pie and cocoa swabs with Oban's smoke sign in the end, Oban Night's Watch is a rare and wonderful exception – and it's hard to find anywhere except on the web. No matter how you feel in the last seasons of the series, nobody wants to see that this hour has ended.

Craigellachie 33

Craigellachie 33 years old ($ 3,000)

Craigellachie remains relatively unknown to many consumers, although it has been producing high-quality whiskey in Speyside since the late 19th century, mainly because most of these whiskeys end in various mixed whiskeys. Everything changed in 2014, when Craigellachie started introducing a series of single limited release malt under its own name, aged 13, 17 and 23 years. In December, the Craigellachie series ended with a somewhat bold 33-year-old, unique striking expression from a region that is better known for light and flowers. Altogether only 1,700 bottles are produced, so this is a series of bottles that really like, but there are about 100 bottles available (we checked). If the price is $ 3,000 too high, vanilla, baking spices, tropical fruits and flame fire due to $ 300, which is a 23 year old, is a great (and more affordable) base bottle for every domestic whiskey bar.

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