5G is not just for smartphones, but also for MILKING COWS


I'm sure you thought that the title of the bait was for a click and I really want it to be, but it's not. This is the reality that we live in today, when the British farm is testing 5G cows. Yes, you are reading that milking cows linked to 5G will be milking in this experiment.

5g-smartphones-milking cows_04

Reuters reports that the government-funded Agri-EPI Center of Agri-EPI Center in Shepton Mallet, southwestern England. There will be 50 or 180 herds on the farm, equipped with 5G smart collar and ear tags for health monitoring.

Duncan Forbes, Project Manager at Agri-Epi Center, explained:We test the ability of 5G to deliver data from our sensors much faster, rather than via a computer on the farm and slow broadband internet connections. The importance of this is that we can use this type of technology … not only on farms, but also in rural communities across the country".

Working dairy, which is being tested by 5G, already has many technologies used to make their life easier. This includes automatic brushes that rotate when the cow turns against them, curtains on the sensor that opens in relation to time, and a smart feeding system that automatically takes care of food in the barn over the ceiling brackets.

Cisco has been involved in 5G-related testing, with Cisco Nick Chrissos adding: "We can connect each cow, we can connect every animal on this farm. This can do 5G for farming – really relax the power we have on this farm, everywhere in the UK and all over the world".


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