When Zhang Wuji cried over Zhao Mana's grave, the fans laughed cheerfully


In two episodes Tan ien Thien Ky Long Ky version 2019, which was broadcast on the evening of 13 April, Zhang Wuji (Tang Shun Hy) was twice disintegrated by Zhao Man (Tran Ngoc Ky). He thought where the fans would regret the love story of the couple, but unexpectedly people feel worthy of effort for Master Truong Giao.

First, Zhao Mana was taken away by Nhu Duong Vuong. Zhang Wuji went to find people, but he discovered that there was only a wooden brooch. Because Zhao Man did not meet again, Wuji suffered from tears.

Karma is real: Seeing how Zhang Wuji cried at Zhao Man's grave, fans just laughed hysterically happy - Photo 1.

Zhang Wuji cried when he discovered that Zhao Man was taken away.

Before that, the scriptwriter wrote Zhao Man, who even did more scenes to "act", so Zhang Wuji was very pleased at the visit of Zhang Wuji because of the heartache of the heart and wanted to be a man back. more.

Karma is real: when Zhang Wuji cried at Zhao Mana's grave, fans hysterically laughed hysterically - Photo 2.

It's obviously a sad story that every fan always laughs at all.

Karma is real: when Zhang Wuji cried at the tomb of Zhao Man, the fans laughed excitedly - Photo 3.

The film is almost over, but is it still late for Truong Vo Ky?

After taking Zhao Manja, Zhang Wuji believed in Zhou's recognition (Wish Here Dan) when he said that his man was dead, so he brought his brooch to set up a tombstone and sit in front of the cry of a sad crying. Of course, the viewers knew that Zhao Man was still alive because she was still in the trailer for the last two episodes, only a dumb boy named Zhang Wuji did not have to see that he believed that Zhao Mana's neck was dead. Lovers do not really understand that the road is master Minghui, but people can trust. The reason why Wuji was close to Zhao Manja and did not learn anything twisted and cunning.

Prior to that, supporters who were dissatisfied when Zhao Mao's head scene changed prematurely, without details that Zhang Wuji cried before Zhao Man's grave to confess his feelings. Anyway, the writer is really a "golden steering wheel" that cuts this place and adds a second place. Instead of acknowledging the favor of Zhang Wuji before the grave, the writer added details of the cavalry when he admitted that Zhao Man was dead when he was trampled: Aunt Zhao Mim is the grave – Commander Truong Vo Ky. Although small but influential details contribute to the expression of Zhang Wuji's love for Zhao Man.

Karma is real: we see Zhang Wuji crying over Zhao Man's grave, people hysterically laugh hysterically - Photo 4.

Young people believe in most people, just hear that someone says that Zhao Man died and you believe him as soon as he ran out of Zhao Man's grave cry.

Zhang Wuji cried at the tomb of Zhao Man

Karma is real: we see how Zhang Wuji cried over the tomb of Zhao Man, fans just laughed hysterically happy - Photo 6.

The camel was turned, also because the cavalry is too stupid.

Karma is real: when Zhang Wuji cried at the tomb of Zhao Man, the fans laughed hysterically - Photo 7.

At the end of the film, fans still could not admire the writer's abilities.

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