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When I entered the landfill, I suddenly found a kettle … full of money


Recently, Mohammad Fahmi Abdul Aziz (28 years old living in Malaysia) has been searching for recyclable objects and accidentally found a kettle containing 100 Canadian dollars. However, a 28-year-old man wants to return the money back to the owner who lost it without having to keep it for himself.

As Star said, Fahmi did not want to disclose a certain amount in a warm one. However, he said that this amount is very high to tens of thousands of Canadian dollars (corresponding to hundreds of millions of VNDs).

"It was a daily habit, I went to collect recyclable objects in a landfill with two people. On Tuesday morning (July 9, 2019) I found a glossy metal object buried in half on land." recalls Fahmi.

After finding the kettle, Fahmi took him home. After checking in, he found Canadian banknotes. Fahmi gave money to the money changer and said it was a real Canadian dollar.

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The bills were in the heat, but Fahmi did not reveal how much he was.

"After discussing with our wife and members of the house, we decided that money should be returned to the lost," Fahmi said. Mr Fahmi thinks this can be someone.

He talked about why he did not specify the amount, he said: "I will not disclose the amount because I want the owner of the money to disclose the amount in warm money as evidence".

Mr Fahmi also did not report the incident to the police. "If I can not find the owner, I can collect money for charity," said Fahmi. "

Asked by reporters why Fahmi did not want to keep money for himself, Fahmi said that this was not something.

An official of the Canadian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) said that no Canadian reported a loss of such a large sum of money. When you see accounts in the bank, it confirms that they are legal banknotes, but they need to be replaced with polymer banknotes for circulation.

"Canadian dollars worth $ 100 have been replaced with polymers with higher security in 2017, and old banknotes need to be replaced at banks," the official said.

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