"What's wrong with you" is the most worthy video of Mr Dam?


They confirm that they are still at the top of the glory and the frenzy of artists is not limited, unless they stop trying, Dam Vinh Hung does not say anything, but uses music to prove it. it. Especially in 2018, a male singer issued 4 MV and MV "Alone Star", which recently started, is considered to be the most impressive "battle" code in the hearts of young Vpop to this point.

photo 1

He praised Karik, winning the musical tastes of 9X, 10X Vietnam

With youngsters surpassing the desire to conquer more music, Dam Vinh Hung never sits, but she has to always look back on the skin of her picture in public.

photo 2The new image of Mr. Dame in "Alone Star"

If "Hello" is a successful lead between the "Prince" and rapper Binz, to win underground youth, "Alone Star" with an interesting rapper rapper Karikom also helps Singer's men reach 9X, 10X today.

Two generations of different singers, two styles of music have no similarities, sir. Dam and Karik are still combined with standard tuning, which bring exciting songs, the ears of the ears, which young people listen to "well".

photo 3Comedian Anh Duc – Impressive MC in MV

True, simply listening, the song is a modern FA manifesto

Not deeply bolero songs, lyrical, nor rap songs "do not understand", "Alone star", are enthusiastic about the word of the true, real but true expression of privacy, the personality of most young people today.

In addition to choosing a lyric close, easy listening, "Alone Star" also transmits a live message of a cheerful, positive, truly modern way of life.

photo 4Ngoc Thanh Tam – a member of Rich Kids

MV "Alone Star", set on the 80th anniversary of the space wedding party, immediately appeals to young people to enjoy the view of the past, experiencing the same "feeling". The actual MV scenario revolves around an association story that celebrates the marriage of two successful men, but is "expensive" due to the fact that it is rationalized, unexpected, and human. See "choking" and filling from start to finish.

photo 5Hai Trieu and BB Tran – A pair of brides – a groom, lost in MV

Mr Dam said that although the concept of the past 80's, but he and the team still include current trends, such as a picture of rich children or the flow of recent falls.

Dam Vinh Hung said: "Hung wants to bring modern things to the old, so every generation that enjoys the MV also saw the eighties, they are still here, but it's still 80's here.

photo 6"Samska majka" Duong Cam Lynh brings the right picture in life in the MV

There is no need to drink money that is expanding with new people, but it still exhibits the most lively pictorial music from the 80's

Compared to the "Hello" version of the dance before the official, then "Sam alone, where" he earns more points. During this time, Mr. The dam do not have to invest in a brand, spend billions of costumes for herself and hundreds of dancers, but instead of modern clothes, wide trousers or colorful shirts … carefully cuts. to reflect the golden fashion of the past.

photo 7The comedian Chang Jiang rapper is no less than a rapper

In addition, the yellow wig is also the Dam Vinh Hung self "self-healing", pruning is the same with the "boy", which was the most fashionable at that time. "King of Vietnamese music" will add depending on the quality of MV investments, because there are things that do not need to "pour money" are completed, but also need sophistication, understanding sublimation flow in. old decade.

photo 8Thanh Loc and singer Quang Linh are unexpected MV

"Star" showbiz, which is also "hot, but ế"

If the old MV looks like Tran Thanh, Huong Giang Idol, Huu Vi … then the newly released MV is starred as Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc, Quang Linh, Truong Giang, BB Tran, Hai Trieu, Anh Germany, Duong Cam Lynh, Ngoc Thanh Tam.

Dam Vinh Hung said that not all hotlines invite "despite" that it is always necessary to choose a person according to the standard in "e" as he. She explained that Truong Giang is not single, but still deals with MV, Dam Vinh Hung for male comedians, actively asked him about "times" in this MV, so she can not reject the first enthusiasm of young people.


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