Saturday , September 18 2021

Vinh Long: The outbreak occurred at a funeral and blocked more than 1,370 households News

On the evening of July 24, Mr. Van Cong Minh, director of the Vinh Long Ministry of Health, said the province had just recorded an outbreak of Covid-19 in Tan Loc County, Tam Binh County, Vinh Long. “The outbreak came from an older funeral and not from the funeral of a Covid-19 patient. The local government quickly blocked the affected areas and the health sector is actively tracking down this outbreak, ”Minh said.

Bulletin Covid-19 July 24: Nationwide announced 9,256 cases; Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi must take decisive action

On the same day, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Viet, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tan Loc Municipality, had a preliminary report on this outbreak of Covid-19.

According to the report, Mr. On July 10, the LVT went to the People’s Committee of Tan Loc Municipality to ask permission to organize the funeral of Mrs. NTTr (83 years old, hamlet 1, Tan Loc Municipality). Officials of the people’s committee of the municipality ordered that the organization of funerals must provide requirements for the prevention of epidemics in accordance with Directive 15, no more than 30 people and ensure that they must wear masks, disinfect, keep a distance …

By monitoring the organizational process, the family followed the regulations. The people attending the funeral are mostly descendants of the family; some neighbors come to smoke and then leave; Some of the condolences sent did not arrive. The family organized a funeral on July 12 at 12 noon at a house in Hamlet 8, Tan Loc municipality.

At 12 noon on July 18, Mr. HVC (Mrs. NTTr’s grandson) and his wife, Mrs. LTL, went for a medical examination at Xuyen A General Hospital (Vinh Long City) and the hospital requested a rapid Covid-19 test.

As a result, Mr C. was positive, Mrs L. negative. The hospital asked Ms. L. to stay for PCR testing. On July 19, both were sampled for PCR testing, and on July 20, the results were positive for Covid-19. GC and Ms. L. are employees of Ty Xuan Company Limited (Hoa Phu Industrial Park, Long Ho County). Ty Xuan is the site of the first Covid-19 eruption in Vinh Long

Following a fast-track procedure, the authorities recorded 18 cases of F0 (17 people are family members, 1 neighbor). The functional sector continued to follow identified another 29 F1 and more than 20 F2.
On the afternoon of July 24, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai, chairman of the People’s Committee H. Tam Binh, signed a decision to blockade 4 hamlets of Tan Loc municipality (hamlets 1, 2, 8, 9) with more than 1370 households. , more than 5,400 people to investigate the outbreak and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Locking time from 6pm on July 24 until further notice.

The Ministry of Health sends a letter urging all medical units to participate in the fight against Covid-19

Mr Van Cong Minh, director of Vinh Long’s health department, said the procedure for handling the body of a deceased patient with Covid-19 under very strict instructions from the Ministry of Health is very strict. Vinh Long died of Covid-19 4 and was cremated in accordance with Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations. Even the ash after incineration is handled very carefully to prevent the spread of the disease. When he is safe, he will be handed over to his family for burial.

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