Vietnam is in danger of being severely penalized after the victory over Indonesia


VIDEO: Highlight U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Indonesia

Last night, U23 Vietnam had a second match in the qualifications for the Asians of the K23 group for Asia 2020 with the Indonesian U23 competitor. Before the strong blow and discipline of the opponent, the army of the Hang-Seo trainer encountered many problems. We have to wait until the last minute of the injury in the second half, when the head of Trieu Viet Hung heads into the net, then we can certainly get 3 points.

In this game, the audience rejoiced for Vietnam U23 surpassed the game against Brunei U23 and created an extremely exciting atmosphere. Especially when we have a decisive goal, everyone has thrown joy. However, a group of fans, who fiercely lifted their actions, burned rockets. According to the reporters, at least 2 burners were shot at the stands (before and after the Viet Hunga hit). Most likely, this spontaneous action will cause Vietnam to receive a heavy penalty from the Asian Football Federation (AFC).

Do not forget that in the ASIAD 2018 semi-finals, even due to the action of fireworks fans, the VFF had to pay a fine of up to $ 12,500 (corresponding to almost 300 million dong). So, if you continue to penalize, this penalty will be much more difficult (not only to stop on the fine, but you may have to play in a neutral field, or not have the audience).

Prior to the match, VFF issued a notice on the home page recommending that fans do not light up on-the-spot lights in order to ensure safety, safety and avoid severe punishment by AFC because it is a re-action. many times.

In qualifying for the Asian U23, Vietnam U23 will still have a decisive match with Thailand U23. The heat of this game should be several times greater than the confrontation with Indonesia. I hope that the Vietnamese fans will continue to cheer, but in the most cultural way for players in the field.


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