Viet Hung scored with a goal


– Scoring stage in 90 + 4 minutes Trieu Viet Hunga has won a 1: 0 victory for U23 Vietnam ahead of Indonesia U23.

Video synthesis Viet Nam U23 1-0 U23 Indonesia:

Assessment of goals: Viet Hung (90 & # 39; + 4)

The advantage of playing at the My Dinh Stadium and cheering dozens of home-grown audiences, Vietnam U23 has entrusted confidence to Indonesia U23. The army of the Hang Seo bus fleet was actively playing against the stalking game of the opponent.

U23 Vietnam defeated Indonesia U23 in the final minute
Quang Hai and his teammates are facing many problems in Indonesia U23. Photo: SN

However, the aggressiveness of the Van Dao team caused many problems to the home team. Many opportunities were created by Vietnamese U23 players, especially in the second half of the year, but all Indonesian defenders neutralized them.

Quang Hai, Duc Chinh and Hoang Duc are continually annoying enemy craft, but they can not find the way to the goal of the visitors.

The defense, in which the goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung – who has experience in the continental arena, also has moments of discouraging attention. Luckily the enemy attacker could not take advantage.

U23 Vietnam defeated Indonesia U23 in the final minute
Trieu Viet Hung scored a valuable goal, like gold, for U23 Vietnam in 90 + 4 minutes. Photo: Anh Khoa

The idea of ​​the U23 Vietnam, which took place in the tie, at the last minute of compensation, Quang Hai kicked the corner at Trieu Viet Hung hit his head post and then hit Indonesia U23 net, bringing a valuable goal, such as gold for the home team.

The score of 1: 0 was sufficient enough for Quang Hai and his team to beat 3 points against rivals of Indonesia. With this opening the door to Thailand early next year.

In the final match with Thailand U23 on March 26th, if we do not lose, the Park Hang Seo coach almost certainly has tickets for the U23 UEFA Champions League 2020. If there are 3 points, of course U23 Vietnam will qualify for the top of group K.


Vietnam U23: Tien Dung, Tan Sinh, Thanh Chung, Van Hau, Tan Tai, Thai Quy, Viet Hung, Thanh Thinh, Quang Hai, Duc Chinh, Hoang Duc.

Indonesia U23: Hardiyanto, Mariyanto Manewar, Nurhidayat, Nugroho, Baharsyah, Sulaemen, Maulana Vikiri, Andika, Mangkualam Bahar, Ardriles Haay, Riski Fauzi.

Asian Qualifying Tournament to 23Table K
# Team name ST T H B TG TH Student A
1 Thailand 2 1 0 1 12 0 12 6
2 Vietnam 2 2 0 0 7 0 7 6
3 Indonesia 2 0 0 2 0 5 -5 0
4 Brunei 2 1 0 1 0 14 -14 0

Vinh Tuong

* Below are the main achievements of the match:


Vietnam U23 celebrates the style of Viking and praises fans at the My Dinh Chess Club on March 24th. Photo: SN

The match ended with a 1-0 win for U23 Vietnam. This result does not help teachers and trainers of the Hang Seo Park to redeem the first place from the Thai U23 handball but has many opportunities to get UEFA U23 Asia 2020 tickets.

In the last match of March 26, if he does not lose the state team of the Golden Temple, it is almost certain that Vietnam U23 has gained the right to continue.

Trieu Viet Hung became the hero of Vietnam U23. Photo: Anh Khoa

INTO … ON ….. ON.Trieu Viet Hung puts in a decent ball towards the head of his team-mate but Quang Hai takes the ball home. The score is now 1-0 for U23 Vietnam.

U23 Vietnam has the right to punish Indonesia U23. No matter how hard he tried, Kapitan Quang Hai made a disastrous appearance.

Do not enter: Hoang Duc has a skillful and clever move, removing the red-defense, but is quite personal when he finishes to go over the bar, while 3 accomplices go into the penal zone.

Indonesia U23 was awarded a penalty at a distance of about 27 meters, Ramdani was shooting the ball.

Quang Hai hits the penalty perfectly from the left touchline of the keeper.

Coach Park Hang Seo decided to put the young attacker Trana Danha Trunga on the pitch instead of Thanh Binha.

Although he still controls the game and holds the ball up to 69%, the students of the Park Hang Seo coach are still stuck in finding the way to the goal of Indonesia U23.

Quang Hai tried to get closer to the Indonesian player U23. Photo: SN

Do not enter: Dinh Thanh Binh was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

Prime Minister Bui Tien Dung made a mistake when he sent the ball to his team mate. U23 steals the ball. Luckily, the final shot of the red player, who was the pioneer of the Hanoi Club, could do it.

Do not enter: Hoang Duc has a stage of artistic control with a coma rotation and ends in the surroundings of four Indonesian U23 players. Too sad for individuals Hoang Duc and U23 Vietnam when the ball fell to the edge of the Indian U23 crossbar.

Photo: SN

Vietnam U23 hit the bar, but Hoang Duc's shot went over the bar.

Save lost: Defensive defender of Vietnam U23, lucky goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung previes the touch of a player in the penalty area of ​​Indonesia U23.

Quang Hai again blamed Indonesian U23 player. White shirt players insisted on the attack to find the goal of a standstill.

Quang Hai always takes care of the players of red shirts. Photo: SN

The other half of the match started.

The first half is closed without hits.

Vietnamese fans cheered for teachers and trainers Park Hang Seo. Photo: SN

Do not come in: Baharsyah of Indonesia U23 must receive a yellow card for a violent penalty at Duc Chinh. Quang Hai is free to kick off, but unseemly. Duc Chinh then skillfully engaged in the corner situation and ended up scratching the columns along the U23 of Indonesia.

The Hang Seo Coach decided to withdraw Thai Quy in the yard to make room for Thanh Binh.

U23 Vietnam has a fantastic opportunity to put Quang Hai up another goal. Unfortunately, the Indonesian goalkeeper U23 was ready to hit the ball, but the position of the subsequent wiping was not able to beat the opponent's defense.

The Quang Hai has scored a goal. Photo: SN

Quang Hai crossed the ball well in the head of Hoang Duc, but unfortunately the move of the Vietnamese U23 deputy to Ha Duc Chinh was not good for the Indonesian defender.

The Hang Seo Coach approached the vertical line to direct students. Photo: SN

A direct free kick on the U23 player from the Indonesian player reached Bui Tien Dung. After that, the referees were defending, but from the free kick home team.

Quang Hai went to the ball before locking up the Indonesian player U23. Photo: SN

Manewar on the Indonesian side of the U23 must receive a yellow card for a bad game against the U23 player in Vietnam.

The Hang Seo bus fleet controls the game very well, with more time holding the ball than a team from the Van Dao facility.

U23 Vietnam was permitted by the penalty area and scored with a penalty 27 minutes into the match, but Huynh Tan Sinh managed to tip the ball to a corner in the penalty area.

Photo: SN

Quang Hai from the left wing turned into a corner kick right into the back of the net, However, the Indonesian goalkeeper U23 is still the owner of the situation.

Wrap: After crossing the Indonesian players U23 on the left, Thanh Chung and goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung did not understand that it would create a situation that arose when Thanh Chung broke the ball after the column.

Photo: SN

Do not enter: The referee showed Vietnam U23 the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Doan Van Hau made a left foot with a distance of almost 40 meters, so the goalkeeper Hardiyanto "was vomiting".

From the suspension of the ball Thai Quy on the left side in the Indonesian penalty area U23 ball came to the Doan Van Hau goal, the goalkeeper Hardiyanto had a difficult solution.

Photo: SN

The main referee blasted the beating for the match between U23 Vietnam and U23 Indonesia in the second match of the K U23 Asian qualifier 2020 at the My Dinh Stadium.

Initial installation of U23 Vietnam.

Both teams prepared a ceremony and a national anthem.

Initial installation of U23 Vietnam. Photo: SN
My courtyard Dinh on the night of March 24 is almost completely occupied. Photo: SN


Vietnamese fans were coloring My Dinh on March 24th. Photo: SN
U23 Vietnam begins before the match. Photo: SN
Prime Minister Bui Tien Dung continued to arrest him. Photo: SN
Vietnamese fans are ready to burn their hearts for the teachers and coaches of the Hang Seo Park. Photo: SN
Photo: SN
Photo: SN

In a match that just ended, Thailand U23 with a win of 8-0 easily beat Brunei U23 and thus temporarily occupies the top of Group K.

Arbitrage "blurred vision", U23 Thailand beat Brunei 8-0 U23 "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Judge "blurred eyes", Thailand U23 buried Brunei 823 U23

– Iranian referee Bijan Heidari made a mistake when he twice denied an inadequate scoring in the Thai 8-2 win over U23 Brunei.

Initial installation of U23 Vietnam

What did they say before the match?

Hang Seo Bus Station (Vietnam U23): "Indonesia has many good players. Short passes to their rooms are quite good. We will play with all hands in order to win the match with Indonesia.

Sjafri Indra (Indonesia U23): "Before Vietnam, we had a different plan than to lose in Thailand. The team will adapt. We will wait for the outcome of the match with Vietnam to know whether Indonesia can make progress. "


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