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Urban Railway Construction Project no. 2 Hanoi: Experts agree on the location of the C9 Planning Station

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– On November 19, the Vietnamese Urban Planning Association organized a seminar on the main plan of the C9 – Hoan Kiem Lake Station underground within the framework of the project for the construction of the Iron City No. 2, Nam Thang Long – Department of Tran Hung Dao.


– On November 19, the Vietnamese Urban Planning Association organized a seminar on the main plan of the C9 – Hoan Kiem Lake Station underground within the framework of the project for the construction of the Iron City No. 2, Nam Thang Long – Department of Tran Hung Dao.

Voice overview.

Urban Rail no. 2 is an important route in the urban railway network in Hanoi, with the Noi Bai – Nam Thang Long – Thuong Dinh.

The first phase of the second line is an investment project for the construction of the city railway no. 2, section Nam Thang Long – Tran Hung Dao (project). This is the national key project of Hanoi, which uses Japanese official development assistance. The project is 11.5 km long, with an underground 8.9 km and a high 2.6 km, including a warehouse in Xuan Dinh, 3 raised stations and 7 subway stations.

Joint design of all project items such as Xuan Dinh depot, 3 stations and elevated sections, 6/7 underground stations and underground sections have been approved. .

The only station C9-Hoan Kiem Lake is not approved due to the location and petrol station located in the infected area of ​​the II national monument and the view of Lake Hoan Kiem.

At the discussion, the PMU representatives said that in the research process, the focus in the center of the city project was proposed as a route through the area near the center of the old quarter, along the Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Bai, Pho Hue and Dai Co Viet streets.

Station C9 is expected to be located under Dinh Tien Hoang Street and Cvetno Lake, in front of the Hanoi Power Company.

The main staircase is located in Dinh Tien Hoang Street, in front of Hanoi General Electric Company, about 36 meters from Pen Tower, about 10 meters from the edge of the lake, part of the Hoan Kiem Lake Flower Garden. the protection of the historic and picturesque Lake Hoan Kien Lake, the temple Ngoc Son.

The C9 subway station will have 4 doors up and down. Number 1 and auxiliary building (ventilation tower, cooling tower, lift for disabled …) are located in Hanoi Power Corporation. Door no. 2 are located in the Land of the Northern Power Plant. Door number 3 is located next to the railway station in the flower garden of Lake Hoan Kiem. Door no. 4 are located behind the statue of a soldier, under Hang Dau.

After an analysis of the PMU, this option is part of the protected area II, but outside and does not encroach on the protected area I of the Médecine and the Pena Tower. have sufficient space to arrange auxiliary works; Without residential areas, without affecting adjacent buildings; Provide reasonable guest intervals at other connecting stations …

Location of the C9 terminal, the gate, is the basic agency combined. In particular, at the demonstration exhibition on the main plan for the C9 petrol station in March 1818, the Hanoi Railway Station of the EU received more than 1,700 votes, of which 90.3% was planned with the plan of plan C9 planned.

According to the PMU, during the construction period, the project carried out the most advanced projects of underground and underground tunnels in order to reduce and strictly control the impact on the landscape and the environment. Work of relics.

The project is also designed to install the rail system for ships, noise and vibration reduction. During the operation of the vessel, the level of noise and vibration in the tunnel is less than 65 dB below the permitted threshold. Nevertheless, the value is significantly (destroyed) reduced on the surface of the floor due to the coating and thick layers of soil covering the top, without affecting the monuments and buildings nearby. including Pen Tower, Ba Kieu Temple.

Concerned that the C9 station will contribute to the traffic congestion in the area, the representative of the Hanoi Urban Railway PMU said: The station C9 has only a mediating role, satisfying the needs of passengers are local local residents working in agencies in the area, tourists visit the area of ​​Lake Hoan Kiem . Station C9 is not a contact point associated with other urban railways, so the flow of passengers is lower than for other stations.

During weekends and holidays, visitors to central Hanoi will increase, and the subway system and the ground transport system will ensure a rapid departure of people from the area.

At the discussion, specialists in cities focused on contributions to the project, in particular to the location of the C9 station, the door, especially on door no. 3, the only door on the lake side.

There is still concern about the impact of the project on the system of monuments in the process of construction, operation, the danger of traffic conflict in this area, but in fact experts think The present proposed station C9 is appropriate, which affects at least relics.

The city of the C9 subway station and the tunnel in the central area in accordance with the strategy of socio-economic development of capital, in accordance with regional planning, planning and traffic planning in Hanoi, was approved.

According to experts, the process of research projects lasted from 2004 to the present, which seriously influences progress in the implementation of the project, there is a risk that the entire investment will continue to increase. If progress continues to decline, project costs will continue to increase as a result of weakening inflation, changing work and material. Therefore, experts are urging the authorities to consider in advance the main plan of the C9 subway station and the associated tunnels in the Hoan Kiem lake area as a basis for further implementation. of the project, as done by the Vietnamese Government and the Government of Japan.


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