Friday , February 26 2021

Twenty-five stars Wyndham Grand, the city of choice for Vietnam in Myanmar

– Myanmar host country hosts Hang Gyeong Park teacher at a five-star hotel in Yangon, a former capital of Myanmar

According to the Vietnamese team in Yangon, Myanmar, the BTC host teacher teacher Hang-seo is in a comfortable 5-star hotel located on the birthplace of the beach.

The new Wyndham Grand Yangon Hotel was built in the heart of Yangon. Some small items are closed just before bedtime. It is also a complex that includes offices, shopping centers and apartments. It is known that five days ago officials of the Football Association of Vietnam went to the station, booked the hotel, looked at and checked the conditions for team practice.

5 star hotels in Wyndham Grand, destination Vietnam in Myanmar - Photo 1.

Wyndham Grand Yangon Hotel in Yangon, former capital of Myanmar – Photo: afamily

This hotel is located at the crossroads of two roads, Kan Yeik Thar and U Aung Myat in Kandowgyi district. This station is approximately 5 km from the Mianmara National Stadium in Thuwunna. The team will take about 15 minutes from the hotel to the stadium.

5 star hotels in Wyndham Grand, destination Vietnam in Myanmar - Photo 2.

The hotel also has a swimming pool, a gym with complete equipment needed – Photo: Tien Phong

Wyndham Grand Hotel Yangon is one of the largest hotels in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. In addition to beautiful rooms and facilities, the hotel also has a swimming pool, gymnasium with all the necessary equipment. The hotel's cuisine offers a wide range of dishes, from American dishes to the Middle East.

5 star hotels in Wyndham Grand, destination Vietnam in Myanmar - Photo 3.

Nice room, full facilities – Photo: Tien Phong magazine

On the upper floors of the hotel you can see all the famous attractions of Myanmar Shwedagon Pagoda, where Kong Pho and his team visited in 2016 when he attended the AFF Cup.

In another related event, the owner organizes at least four armed police officers along the hotel, especially the entrance and the front. Weapons and support tools are fully equipped by the police.

In five days, they turn to 24/24 to protect the Vietnamese team at a competition in Myanmar. The match will be held at 18:30 (in Vietnam) on November 20 at Thuwanna Stadium, which is more than 5 km from the team.

Show The Vietnamese team is preparing for the upcoming match against hosts. Vietnam will stay in Yangon from November 17 to November 21. After the match against Myanmar on November 20, the team will return to Vietnam to prepare 4 days later for the final match of the group meeting with the Hang Dome of Cambodia.

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