The teacher's tragedy wanted a rich teacher


Le Kim Dinh, Director of Dong Minh High School (Vinh Bao County, Hai Phong), has been approved for billions.

Mr. Le Kim Dinh (SN 1977), principal and his wife, Le Thi Hao (SN 1979), were convicted by high school teachers of Tam Da Da County, Vinh Bao District. log in by default.

According to people, from 2009 to 2014, Mr. Dinh and Mrs. Hao automatically create more virtual bowls in the form of daily contributions a little, the expression will be a large amount of money.

Dinh said after payment by default, do not pay.

Dinh money collection method is not a "black credit". This is a form of mobilizing the money of many players, and then Dinh and Mrs Hao are loans to others in the form of high interest rates every day.

According to Mrs Le Thi Tram (who lives in the municipality of Da Da), one of them with Mr Dinh, two houses close to each other, saw Hao, who was invited to invite them several times to play them, so Mrs Tram agreed.

She has participated in numerous cups with an amount of up to more than € 1.8 billion, according to the appointment until 30.11.2014. The tram took all the money, but the husband of the Spirit, Mrs. Hao, asked. At the end of 2014, the deadline for receiving money, said Mrs Hao, who can not pay.

Police in Vinh Bao County received complaints from dozens of households in the area that their wife Dinh "broke" with the billions.


Mr Le Kim Dinh said that Mr Hao had been divorcing since 2015. The reason for the divorce is due to the fact that Hao feels,

The size of the market has a lot about it
Mr Le Kim Dinh
The size of the market has a lot about it
Dinh divorced and said that his debts were due to his wife

"When my ex-wife borrowed money from people I did not know. When I saw people who asked for debt, because of the responsibility I signed with her, there is some debt recognition of relatives. Cities I have signed nearly 10 years, I'm paying out every month. The place where people complain is not related to me, "Dinh said.

President of the Dong Minh Pham Van Tinh: According to the statistics on the use, the amount of people charged by the woman is more than 10 billion. But this money is either interest or the original money is not clear.

But Dinh was separated from his wife. As a result, the paper borrowed money, mainly linked to his ex-wife.

Until today, local authorities have not received any allegations from which he has expressed a loan or donated money. However, this time the foreigner at school and Dinhov are at the point of pressure, hit him.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Quynh, Head of Education and Training Vinh Bao District confirmed: the amount signed by Mr Deed when he is living with his wife is not much. Ninety billion billion votes. Wherever he signed, he paid almost everything and continued to pay.

The education department asked Mrs Hao and Mr Dinh to explain and test if she detects a violation.

Police agencies are investigating the amount of loan and liability of Mr Dinha and Mrs Hao after a letter from people.

According to Hoai Anh / Vietnamnet


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