The special features of deep fever in the center of the Highlands only once a year


You can bake, mix, bake, cook or even eat raw, deep-fried meat.

Monday, March 25, 2019, 00:12 (GMT + 7)

In South East Asian countries, insects are not very strange foods. Many species of insects, scorpions, crickets … are considered specialties. However, not everyone is brave enough to try deep chrysanthemums in the central mountains, but only once a year, many new people appear on the gnash.

Specialties are deeply chilled in the middle high mountains only once a year

It is a larva of a worm on a tree that is green as leaves, so you need to be careful to separate it. Seedlings are usually grown for pepper to stick to, while this worm only sings leaves, so farmers do not spray pesticides, wait to close the coconuts, and then harvest. Leaf tape is easy to catch 5-7 mop.

Like gutted silkworms, you can bake, mix, bake, cook or even eat. They have a characteristic greasy flavor of deep larvae and are therefore skillfully treated for spices or herbs because this dish is simple to cause. In the past, only local people knew larvae of worms. Then, because of the many numbers, many places were distributed for enjoyment. At the beginning of the season, the price of 1 kg is about 20,000 VND, and at the end of the season, it is increased to 50,000 VND / kg if you buy at Central Highlands. However, when they go to the inns in Hanoi or Saigon, the student board costs VND 180,000 / kg.

In addition, people also catch the depth of the fried chopper to prepare fried dishes or play dishes. Larvae of mosquitoes are the most widespread in Dak Lak, which occurs from March to May only every year, a pleasant time for a cocoon worm. In June, the coconuts will be broken into butterflies. So this is the perfect time to challenge this unique dishes.

Particularities of deep frosts in the central highlands only once a year - 1

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