The persecution of rape turned the tape and begged the victim to enter the inn


Saturday, April 13, 2019 21:33 (GMT + 7)

Nguyen Quoc Chien suddenly used Mrs. L., who resides in Nghi Loc, Nghe An district, to attack the air, put her in an empty area to record rape, and then use the phone to record shots.

On April 13, when the Nghi An police force convinced the Nghi An district police, the agency issued a decision to prosecute and temporarily detain Duong Quoc Chiena (35 years old, residing in Hung Nguyen and Nghe An district) in coercive acts. spol.

In the initial investigation, the police discovered a number of clips in Duong Quoc Chien's phone number when they carried out rape acts with HTL victims (SN1998, residing in the municipality of Nghi Loc, Nghe). An)

Persecuting a rapist to turn the shot and asking the victim to enter the restaurant - 1

Duong Quoc Chiena objects at police agencies – Photo: Nghe An Newspaper

Earlier, according to the newspaper Nguoi Lao Dong, according to the presentation of Mrs HTL, the motorcycle from home to the municipality of Hung Dong, Vinh city, was monitored around 14:00 hours on April 5 to learn a foreign language and prepare it. export work. When she went through the abandoned field, suddenly she overtook an unusual object that had driven the engine from behind and forced her to stop.

After that, the object used the weapon for the control of L. sister to take it to the desert field. When Mrs L. rebelled, the person was beaten and threatened to force her to kill her.

After the animal was satisfied, the person returned to the clip, took the victim's telephone number, and threatened not to tell anyone the story. Then the person turned to the phone by phone and asked Mrs. L. to come to the motel.

After the incident, Mrs L. was frightened, she went to the police station to reside in order to report the incident.

Currently, the police complement the documents that deal with matters before the law.

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