The paycheck has risen sharply, the bankers have returned to their boom


The head of the small-size bank's staff in Ho Chi Minh City said he had just signed a decision to pay about $ 140 million per month for an employee. This person is a credit officer working through certain performance benchmarks (KPI), so that the total monthly income has reached the highest level among employees.

Last month, he signed a payment for the second manager for customer relations at 80 million VND. "The income of employees in the Bank is higher and higher if it meets or exceeds the set goals," said HR Director.

The results of the Vietnamese job seeker survey conducted in Vietnam by Vietnamworks – the largest online employment company in Vietnam, has just announced that the banks are one of the highest-paid sectors of the highest-level employees.

More precisely, new employees graduated from school with an average salary of 6.5 million dong, experienced employees 10 million dong, head / supervisor of the average wage of 19 million dong and salary manager / manager about 30 million dong …

The payrolls have increased sharply, the bankers have returned to the golden age - Photo 1.

The Bank is one of the industries with the highest average wage according to a recent survey. Photo: Employees

The picture of the profitability of banks in 2018 was positive, as the volume of banks from small to large banks announced profits from hundreds of billions to ten thousand billion dollars. Since then, the income of bank employees has increased significantly if it is combined with wages, bonuses, bonuses and Tet bonuses.

From the beginning of the year until now, banks have constantly announced the recruitment of human resources for the needs of expanding the network, adding transaction points to branches throughout the country. At the end of last year, at the beginning of this year, banks were granted permits to expand their networks, such as Nam A, Sacombank, VIB, Techcombank, SHB, HDBank …

Due to the approval of the opening of 35 new business units from the end of 2018 to the middle of 2019, Nam Nam Bank has heavily employed 2,000 employees across the country in order to be able to respond rapidly to this strong development.

Free job positions of staff / experts for customer relationships, direct sales professionals, credit card vendors, consultants, digital banking experts …

A survey by the Ministry of Statistics, a state bank, recently showed that the labor market and employment in the banking sector continued to be active when 70.93% of credit institutions said they had increased their workforce in 2018. It is expected that by the end of this year Approximately 76.7% of credit institutions increased their workforce.

According to the leaders of some banks, the employees will be rewarded according to the internal emulation policy in addition to the average salary; achieving or exceeding your business goals with additional bonuses every year, every year …

The representative of Sacombanka said that when he becomes a bank employee, he will be fully entitled to a competitive salary and a bonus in relation to the business performance of individuals and collectives; competitive prosperity; a clear decentralization mechanism for the professional titles of business customers; annual and domestic tourism; a regime of vocational and qualitative training; a transparent plan and opportunities for promotion.

In addition to remuneration policies and social packages, such as regular health care, annual leave, leave, insurance and incentives for relatives and employees, the Bank of Nam A Bank's managers have reported alongside the remuneration policy. The Bank also continuously organizes training courses for its employees in order to improve their professional skills, create opportunities and build a transparent and honest plan for promotion.


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