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The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has a dish


Rotten sled (Sweden)

It is one of the traditional dishes in northern Sweden. After catching the traces, they remain on the head, the tail is washed and rinsed for about a day, so that the fish will absorb spices.

Then the fish were marinated in casks, then brought to the sun for about 24 hours, so the fish began to ferment. Finally, fish are brought into the cold store, canned and marketed. The container with the fermented trail is covered with a sealed box, which causes the pressure to rise, the fish boxes are often inflated. Some airlines have prohibited the use of this article because they fear that this could lead to security.

The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has one dish - 1

This fish has a very unpleasant taste; everyone can not enjoy it. Photo:

The Swedes eat rotten herring with thin hard bread, cooked potatoes, onions, tomatoes, butter and sauce.

Dwarf mackerel is also a challenge for the most courageous people, as it is enough to make smell a smell to visitors to immediately tear, rotate and even vomit.

Rotated fermented scents (Korea)

Korean fermented stingray, named hongeo, smells very hard odor, so many people even have an image that has a smell of odor ….

The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has one dish - 2

The Korean fermented stingray with the name hongeo smells very stinking.

This dish is made from bladder without bladder or kidneys. Their digestive waste is easily excreted through the skin in the form of uric acid.

People often eat fresh rays. But the Koreans do not eat the same way. They set up dozens of pedunes between them, put them in the fridge and left them for one month until the fish were stunned. When they get enough rot, they'll take the fish, cut them thin and … eat raw.

The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has one dish - 3

Despite being called Korea's "most stinking fish in the world" for Korea, this is considered a peculiarity. Photo: Seoulfoodyy

In the production of fermented meat, the uric acid in the skin will be converted into ammonia. And if anyone ever had direct contact with ammonia, they know how bad it is.

After ingestion, stench trained "disorders" on clothes, skin and hair of guests. For many Koreans, the more crusts are rays, the more delicious they are. Fish stinks, dark pink is a special dish.

Shrimp Shark (Iceland)

This fish has a smell of ammonia. The meat of this fish is very toxic, so ordinary people should cook large meals of water, dry or ferment for about 6 to 12 weeks. And Icelanders often choose a third way of processing, i.e. … buried underground so that the poison decomposed into ammonia. After normal time, they were bathing and dried in the sun for a few weeks before eating.

The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has one dish - 4

This fish has a distinctive odor of ammonia Photo: Matadornetwork.

Other methods of processing are worth mentioning … hung in a meat mining warehouse. People cut into blocks hanging in the house, rotting meat releases poisonous uric acid in the skin. This processing must be avoided in the sunlight and lasts from 2 to 4 months.

For Iceland this is a traditional and well-known dish, but for the dinners who agree, the shark bark is the most terrible and stinking food.

Rock Laugh (Son La – Vietnam)

The rotten meat, also called Kinh Coong, is an indispensable meal in important occasions of the ethnic group Kho Mu (Son La).

The most rotten food in the world, Vietnam also has one dish - 5

Coong glass, according to a common language interpretation, means a rotten meat soup. Photo: Collection items

In order to create rotten flesh, they hang meat up each week, then every day spray water to create moisture, attract flies to grains to nest, bring microorganisms.

Meat that is not soaked in salt and spices, but hangs and awaits decay, until it stinks, will be treated, the more rotten the meat is more standard, and the more the processor likes the processor, the more tasty it is. Just hang the most rotten parts of the meat, such as the internal organs, the abdominal flesh.

For cooking glass containers, people need to pour seawater, then add vegetables, spices and add some rice flour to the waves. Among these spices are full pepper, garlic, ginger, forest leaf, chilli, lemon grass … which helps people to treat stable stomach, liver and gallstones.

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