The military lieutenant was arrested after eight years of pursuit


He borrowed hundreds of millions of dong from his comrades and locals and escaped from the place of study.

In 2011, Tran Quang Thanh (then 25 years old, Nam Nam Dan, Nghe An district) with the rank of lieutenant, military assistant in the military region 1 in the Thai province of Nguyen, sent him to the Arts and Culture School of Art.

Instead of monastic education and training. He often borrowed hundreds of millions of people from the team and the locals in order to survive in person. Inability to pay the debts, Thanh escaped from the unit.

At the end of 2011, the Criminal Investigation Department of District 1 wanted to prosecute Thanh Abuse of trust in the acquisition of property.

Recently, the criminal police found a worker working in Binh Duong province with many characteristics similar to Thanh.

On March 18, it was found that this suspicious man was a former lieutenant lord in the past eight years, the police executed an arrest warrant. "After such a long time, Thanh Binh said peacefully that the police still found shelter," said the policeman.

Tran Quang Thanh in the investigative agency.

Tran Quang Thanh in the investigative agency.

When she cooperated with the investigative agency, the army went south to earn a lot of things. The city changed its name and used a fake identity card to apply for work as a worker.

The Criminal Police Police Department (Nghe Police) handed over the matter to the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Military Region 1 to accept the case in accordance with its powers.


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