The man who surprised at the bridge, embarrassed the alien


Monday, November 19, 1818 15:50 (GMT + 7)

Many people in a panic road, when a man suddenly stopped the car between the Saigon Bridge and then sank below.

The man who made a surprise between the bridge drowned a stranger - 1

Rescuers are looking for men to jump to the bridge in Saigon

In the afternoon of 19 November, a man (about 50 years old) was driving the 59P1-687.78 motor controller circling the Saigon bridge from Hang Xanh to Suoi Tien when he reached the bridge (near Binh Thanh district and district 2, Ho Chi Minh City). HCM stops the car.

While the passerby did not understand what suddenly suddenly climbed across the fence bridge, he sowed in the Saigon River from a height of almost 20 meters. After sinking into the water, a man sank, missed.

Because of an unexpected event, people do not stop in time.

Get info, rescue force HCMC was present rescue work, looking for victims.

The man who made a surprise between the bridge drowned a stranger - 2

In the morning people discovered the body of young people sailing on the Saigon River

Before that, Mr. Nguyen Van Chuc (often referred to as Ba Chuc, specializing in the rescue of the corpses and rescuing the Saigon River jump) discovered the body of young people sailing over the Saigon River (the passage of the Binh Loi Bridge, Binh Thanh Bridge) should drag the police report.

On the scene of the 18-25 year-old victim carrying jeans, black and white stripes with short sleeves did not have any identification. The body did not break down, the police found that the victim died about a day.

The girl left a bunch of roses and jumps for suicide

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