The land continues to hold the "king" for investments in 2019


Soil is "fever"

In the first months of 2019, the land market must be more active in all segments. If at the beginning of 2018 in a tourist complex of hotel properties, such as a condotel, sea villas were interested in many investors in addition to the parcel segment, by 2019 the real estate market seems to be revolving around the story of the purchase. to sell the land.

In some provincial real estate markets such as Bac Ninh, Da Nang, Quang Ninh, Can Tho, Binh Thuan … land prices are rising, the volume of transactions is rising. The liquidity of this product line is quick and flexible. This is also a segment that attracts most new investors to enter the market because of their advantages.

In some areas, "hot spots" increased prices from 10% to 40% compared to the end of last year. In land fever, in beautiful locations, land prices can rise to 100%. One of the real estate markets attracts investors in early 2019, including Quang Ninhom.

By developing and improving the synchronous infrastructure system of the Van Don and Ha Long real estate properties, they become "hot spots" in the real estate market when they record a sudden increase in transaction volume and volatile land prices. They were strong investors. Not only Van Don, there is also a real estate market in Mong Cai in the list of investor destinations.

With land in Ha Long or Van Dong, which many investors know, the price has also been rising lately, but the Mong Cai market is looking for a number of "big ones" like Sungroup, FLC, Vingroup … The land price of land compared to Ha Long and Van Don is very "soft". Many land projects have been brought to Mong Cai, such as Promexco Mong Cai, Hai Yen new Hai Yen, Kalong Reverside, … Mong Cai has just approved the design of economic and city border gate, about 678ha, or FLC is studying first. Private KDT in Ninh Duong, Sungroup has planned a new urban area in the Bac Luan area …

The land continues to hold

Many urban areas in Moi Cai are starting to build infrastructure. Photo: KDT Promexco Mong Cai

However, it seems that the current Mong Cai market does not have much land products. Currently, Promexco Mong Cai in the infrastructure, leveling out to prepare for the market about 600 large adjacent shophouse and 50 villas … the urban area is about 29ha in the Hai Yen section (road surface). The motorway 18 is about 3 km from Mong Cai city center.

Observers said that the emergence of a series of land projects is an opportunity for investors looking for opportunities to take advantage of this segment.

Why is land still attractive to investors?

Well-known capital is a safe, easy-to-buy investment channel, easy to sell and easy to rent, and land is still a "king" in the capital of the investor.

Correlations are compared with segments that are related to other residential areas, such as neighboring houses, villas, rural houses, obviously land is a commodity that meets the different needs of investors. With prices that can fall below 1 billion VND, investors with limited capital or new ones can invest in the capital. Also, due to the high level of forced capital outflows, such as other production lines with fast liquidity, good surfing skills, the country is still an investment channel that many investors love.

Meanwhile, the adjacent houses, villas and town houses of the production line are related to land, with long-term ownership, but with high value of goods. Not to mention, with the establishment of assets on land, this segment is still picky with investors, the liquidity is not flexible.

In addition, the rate of land gain can be stretched. With this particular feature, investors can simply scroll through the profits when it's quick and easy to sell.

In the second perspective, the interpretation of the commercial activity of the land database is always interesting, said prof. Dang Hung Vo, in addition to the superiority of this product line, also due to the diverse range of products on the local markets. create a rich source for investors.

"It is clear that the appearance of land projects will be more attractive than investing in a villa due to low initial investments, but higher profitability is projected", confirmed prof. Dang Hung Vo.


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