Sunday , August 1 2021

The guy blackmailed “Sugar Baby” with a sensitive video

Hanoi20-year-old Nguyen Bao Tuan was receiving a “Sugar Baby” with an additional $ 8 million a month, but after the first party, he blackmailed the victim with a sensitive video.

On March 31, Tuana from Quang Tri was prosecuted by Cau Giay District Police for a crime investigation Condemnation of property.

Nguyen Bao Tuan at the investigative agency.  Photo: Police provide.

Nguyen Bao Tuan at the investigative agency. Image: The police provide.

After the investigation, Tuan wanted to find his girlfriend “Sugar Baby”, so he joined the groups Sugar Baby – sugar daddy post search articles on social media. Tuan then met the 26-year-old girl and agreed to accept her as Sugar Baby with a monthly allowance of 8 million dong.

On March 13, when he first met to confide in her, he invited her to a villa in the Nam Tu Liem district area to confront her. During the fun process, Tuan recorded videos and took photos with his phone.

On the evening of March 14, Tuan sent a text message threatening the victim to force 15 million VND, otherwise he will post sensitive photos on social media. Out of panic, the victim intended to take the phone to give Tuan the money, but it was too late to sell. The victim changed his mind and went to the police.

On March 15, Tuan was arrested and admitted his mistake.

Pham Du