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Her husband encouraged her wife in various ways, but she still did not work.

Poor bed of the pair & # 34; - 1

Married for 5 years, the couple failed to reconcile "this"

"The story of the pillow" is small, but it is a factor that affects the happiness of the couple. Happy couples are in harmony, but there are also couples who are unhappy because a wife or husband can not meet the needs of the "gender" of the enemy.

Phan Cong Thao (32 years old, sole proprietor) and Phan Thi Nhu Huynh (34 years old, import-export staff) are such a couple. On the latest wave of "wife and son" they are ready to share secret questions in married life.

Poor bed of the pair & # 34; - 2

Nhu Huynh almost said his desire for a child

Cong Thao admitted that a person with high demand in the "projection bed", but his wife – Nhu Huynh is very indifferent. Married 5 years old, but now they still have to fight to get "this story" in harmony.

Cong Thao and Nhu Huynh fell in love with each other for 3 years, but decided to keep them for the first time until the wedding day. Their wedding night was very boring because they were both inexperienced. After the wedding, things improved, but they still did not reach the level of harmony. Particularly after the birth, Nhu Huynh's demand is almost reduced.

Poor bed of the pair & # 34; - 3

Cong Thao advised his wife to learn more about the "projection bed"

Cong Thao used a number of measures as he warned his wife to learn more about "beds", take physiological drugs to increase her desire … He also actively sent "hot" films to his wife to stimulate demand. But the "story" of both remained unchanged.

Nhu Huynh admitted that he was wrong in this case, but because he was too busy working in the company, in household work, in caring for children, the pair did not pay much attention.

MC Hong Van confirmed for all couples that the story of "bed browsing" was never a small affair. MC explained that the couple might have missed the "golden" moment of sublimation to keep each other for 3 years before the wedding, so now it can not be remembered. MC Hong Van advised the couple to contact a physician for psychological counseling and treatment in order to match their needs.

Poor bed of the pair & # 34; - 4

Couple wants to be more in harmony with "it"

Cong Thao and Nhu Huynh were in the same university class, but they knew only when he volunteered to appear before the singer before November 20. Though he was a lover, Cong Thao still "collapsed" against the cute smile of his classmate. He "hid" the fact that he had a girlfriend to flirt with her.

Because he had a Huynh boy, he did not pay attention to Thaou. Only when she officially divorced she gave her schoolmates the opportunity to progress.

One day, Nhu Huynh discovered that Cong Thao "caught two hands". Among the three Thao-Huynh and the other girl talked straight and although Thao Thao chose it, she decided to leave. Much later, before the perseverance and sincerity of Congo Thao, Nhu Huynh agreed to return. Two men get married after graduation, they have a stable job.

Poor bed of the pair & # 34; - 6

Cong Thao spoke sweetly before his audience with his wife

In addition to the "pillow", there are a couple of other disagreements in married life. Nhu Huynh did not want her husband to be too hot, irritable to her wife and everyone. She wanted her husband to live more romantic, romantic and occasional surprises.

As for Cong Thao, I want my wife to pay attention to health, to watch movies late in order to have more time for my husband and children.

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