The 10 great sneakers are "hunted", sometimes with prices up to 160 million VND


10. Adidas FutureCraft 4D

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Photo 1.

The Adidas Futurecraft 4D series was re-released in January 2018 with exceptional sock-like benefits. An exquisite material – a kind of elastic textile with very good adidas effect – offers minimalism, flawlessness, which reduces the thread of the needle on the housing.

The base consists of oxygen and light, thanks to the technology of digital light synthesis. This form quickly attracted the attention of many people and was published by the company for $ 300, which corresponds to 7 million.

When these unique shoes are marketed, they are sold above the original retail price published by the company. If you want to add this template to your collection, it's not surprising that you will need to spend from $ 760 to $ 1,500, although the website is not nearly as close to $ 5,000 worth of future shoes.

9. Air Jordan V Retro "Paris Saint-Germain"

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 2.

Model Air Jordan In the Retro "Paris Saint-Germain" is crystallization of the Jordan brand in cooperation with the French professional football club Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG). Immediately after releasing this model, the shoe has caused a lot of buzz on the market.

The model of sports shoes, which sold for around $ 200-300 a pair that really attracted the attention of young people and shoes collectors, is a special white version specifically for friends and cities. PSG members.

With this version you can find them on StockX for up to $ 3,500, while the average price on the market is $ 2,200.

8. Air Jordan III Shoes Retro Quai54 2018

10 big price shoe patterns are traded with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 3.

Each Air Jordan model will be sold per ton of cash, but some models will be issued in a more subtle and special way than other models.

The version of Nike Air Jordan III Retro Quai54, issued in 2018, is one of the indispensable models of serious shoe collectors. They were not marketed in the usual way, first published on the feet of popular singer Justin Timberlake, bringing the Air Jordan III Retro Quai54 to a new level.

These shoe models are often very difficult to find, but when you find them, you will have to pay a fairly "sharp" price to add them to your collection.

These shoes are usually sold for around $ 2100, sometimes you pay a price of up to $ 3,000 if an online store or fortune will buy a "modest" price of $ 1,591. la.

7. Air Max 1 Parra 2018

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 4.

When it comes to Nike's most popular collaborative versions, we must never forget Nike x Parra. In the second collaboration with Nike, Dutch artist Piet Parra continued to show her creative talent and bring immediate success.

Unlike previous models, this Air Max 1 has extremely attractive colors and textures. With white as the main theme, the shoes are decorated with different patterns. From dots, lines … every piece is decorated with colors that do not overlap, which makes the goal of "reaching" the goal of "shoes players".

On average, you have these shoes for $ 2,750. Some couples sold about $ 1,300, while others went over $ 5,250, making it an impressive model for one of the cheapest tennis shoes on the market.

6. Air Jordan In Retro "Fresh Prince"

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 5.

On the 50th birthday of Will Smith, Jordan Brand showed his affection for the player with the impressive Air Jordan V, inspired by the film "Fresh Prince of Bel". -Your yours. The shoes are designed with elegant golden and purple shades.

However, these shoes are limited to 23 pairs, which means that 23 are valuable owners of this valuable shoe and have the opportunity to hang out with Smith for a day.

The expected amount of money for own Air Jordan couple in the Retro "Fresh Prince" is between $ 2,500 and $ 4,500 in an online sale.

5. Air Jordan III Retro UNC PE

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 6.

UNC is always a basketball team with the best co-operative versions on Jordanian couples. In 2017, the team was also rewarded with a new version specially designed for them: Air Jordan III Retro UNC PE. This version has a white background with the UNC logo on the board, which promises to be very expensive.

If you add a "super product" to your shoe collection, you can spend about $ 3,000, but due to the lack of many places, prices are raised to $ 6,500.

4. Undefeated x Nike Kobe 1 Protro "Flight Jacket"

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 7.

There are shoes that are released in limited quantities and immediately become objects that are caught by thousands of people. That's one of those samples.

Dressed in olive-colored shades, Nike decided not to change, but still uses material from the nubuck, such as the Jordan shoes model, to reduce power and softness / softness of headgear. In general, important details, such as the Undefeated / Nike Swoosh logo and the shoe's shoe, are highlighted with contrasting black tones that create appeal for every part of the model. This "jacket for flying" was issued by the company only 10 pairs and was awarded only to the winners in the basketball game.

Due to the lack and importance of opening new Undefeat locations in Tokyo, Japan, they are valuable for collectors. To get these shoes in your collection, you will need to spend up to $ 8,000.

3. Colette x Air Jordan and Retro high

10 super price shoe patterns are traded with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 8.

After 20 years in the fashion industry, the Colette family decided to shut down their stores. In order to celebrate the reputation day with Colette – a French cult dealer – Nike has issued a special version of Air Jordan. Jordan I Retro High Collete X Air sports shoes issued in March 2018 are beautifully decorated with purple and white patterns.

Since these shoes are rare and are difficult to find on the market, make sure they are not cheap. You can find a couple for about $ 2100, but because of their lack of heat, it's likely that you will have to spend about $ 6700 to add them to your collection.

2. Adidas Pharrell NMD Hu Chinese package "Happy"

There were 10 big price shoe patterns caught, sometimes up to 160 million VND - Photo 9.

Pharrellove NMD sneakers are among the most "sought-after" sports shoes in the market, but they are not easy to perform. On the body of the shoes, the word "Happiness" is written in English and Chinese. This model is only released in China with a small quantity of 300 pairs. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, only a small calculation helps you understand how these shoes trigger the market.

Needless to say, everyone can guess that shoes are very valuable. They are extremely rare on the market; if you're lucky enough to find a pair, you can expect to pay between $ 1,800 and $ 9,000, but you will find them as a "challenge" for your hands. "playing shoes".

1. Unmanaged x Nike Kobe 1 Protro "Purple"

10 big price shoe patterns are hunted, with prices up to 160 million VND - Figure 10.

The premium version is worth the majority, but nothing else is a different version of Nike Kobe 1 Protro x Undefeated. Talk about just released shoes in China, "Purple" sneakers Undefeat X Nike Kobe 1 This one is released only at the Hong Kong site. Due to the limited version in one place in China, it will be difficult to find these great shoes to add to your collection.

To add this template to your collection, find out that you need to spend the amount corresponding to the vehicle. The minimum amount for owning this pair of sneakers is $ 2,550, but most of you have to spend up to $ 10,000 to "change" these "dumps" into your own.


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