Tens of kilograms of gold on Phuc XO: "A few tens of thousands / kg" – TWO


As for the information, Phuc XO reported dozens of pounds of gold, mostly forged gold on his body, on April 13, when he exchanged the magazine Dat Viet, while the owner of the jewelry in Hanoi said if counterfeit gold could not determine the exact amount of money.

"If we say that gold is low or old, we can still quote it. As for counterfeit gold, people often produce materials with aluminum, iron and stainless steel. The prices of these types are very cheap, only tens of thousands / kg. it takes a good amount of money to make in jewelry like Phuc XO, "said the gold and silver owner of the store.

According to the owner of this store, an average ring processing like Tran Ngoc Phuc (36 years old living in Ho Chi Minh City) is about 9-10 million VND / unit. And shaking hands, or a necklace on Phuc people, just earn about 1-2 million dong.

Happy Christmas Phuc XO: The wine is so
Tran Ngoc Phuc (Phuc XO) was arrested for investigating drug-related behavior.

"Among the jewelry worn by Phuc, I see that the ring is the most valuable and the hat is only gold. The bracelets or necklaces must look directly to know whether it is real or counterfeit gold. I do not want to claim with photos in the press that it is a fake gold.

Speaking about making jewelry worn by people, more real gold is easier, less money. But fake gold was manipulated as real gold, salaries are very expensive, "said the owner of the gold and silver trade.

Even according to this owner, Phuc's gold plated or copper plated wages are not much lost compared to jewelry worn on people.

"Because of the availability of accessories on the car, only gold or copper plating is a super-looking car. If the cost of gilding the entire car is only about 10 million Vnd," the gold seller is the owner. know more.

Happy Christmas Phuc XO: The wine is so
The "gilded" car was temporarily detained in room PC02. Photo: Zing.vn

According to the latest information related to this incident, on the same day, the Criminal Police Department (PC02, Ho Chi Minh Police Department) temporarily seized the frame of the Phuc car and the number of five quarters to investigate and process.

Depending on the functional forces, all vehicles are not known about the source, Phuc can cut frame numbers, ribs, change counterfeit license plates. In addition, the Phuc XO cars that appear online are a golden cartridge that is actually copper. Room PC02 explains the origin and origin of the above vehicles.

A spokesman for the Ho Chi Minh Public Security Office said the number of jewelry worn by Phuc people was the first step in the police investigative agency. , except for hoops.

Accordingly, all jewelry, from necklaces, bracelets, golden hats, gold-plated cars, diamonds, … to make Phuc XO appear on the social networking sites in the past, with value up to the merchandise. Tens of billions of dollars is in fact fake gold.

The purpose of displaying gold, the flourishing of prosperity Phuc XO is to create the appearance of great giants in order to pronounce condemnation and money online. The investigating police will evaluate the above-mentioned gold to determine whether it is real or counterfeit gold, as Phuc XO stated.

As reported on April 10, morning, unexpected functional forces entered the karaoke XO collection, located at Truong Chinh Street, District 12, owned by Phuc XO.

The functional forces revealed signs of illegal drug use in karaokah. The XO is expected to attract guests, employees and owners of Phuc XO to the police office to investigate.

The police temporarily detained Tran Ngoc Phuc to investigate and clarify acts of illicit drug use.

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