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The case occurred around 16:30 on March 19 while she worked in the common cuisine of the prison Xuan Ha, Nguyen Tien Anh (SN 1993, residing in Cam Nhuong, Cam Xuyen) in a dispute with prisoners. Tran Van Loi (SN 1995, residing in the municipality of Huong Lam, Huong Khe).

Offender Nguyen Tien Anh took a knife from Tran Van Loi's kitchen. The wounds caused by the loss of blood caused the criminals to die in the general hospital Ha Tinh. Prisoner Nguyen Tien Anha was persecuted by Ha Tinh Police because he was charged with murder.

Put down the captain because of a deadly bastard - photo 1Xuan Ha detention center where the incident occurred

With the unexpected direct control of detention in the detention centers of Xuan Ha and VKSND in Ha Tinh province, four prisoners were organized at the Xuan Ha Prison Camp, Tran Van Loi, Nguyen Cong Duc, Nguyen Cong Minh and Nguyen Tien Anh assisted in food processing for Captain Trana Thi Thama, a canteen salesman in the camp to sell prisoners in jail.

The fact that the Xu Ha Ha's detention center is assigned to officials to sell canteen and administer prison while controlling and administering 4 prisoners during working hours is pointless and defective. Officials carrying out management and control duties did not regularly check and monitor prisoners during work, so that the above-mentioned consequences occur.

Ha Tinh Provincial People's Prohibition issued a protest to demand Xuan Ha prison camp to overcome violations in the management and control of the perpetrators of work, to take measures to prevent violations of the laws that occur in the management of detention. responsibility for individuals who are involved in violations.

Minh Thuy


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