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Surfing dating application for meeting Lam Tay is a girl, that is, how Yen Xuan reacts when he takes a reputation "this mountain looks like a mountain" t

After the year of active play and many outstanding achievements with classmates, the goalkeeper Dang Van Lam became one of the hottest names in the Vietnamese team. All male information received a lot of fans' interest. After that, Lam "girl" Lam – beautiful girl Yen Xuan also reached the top WAG her most attention.

Of course this has brought many things: the glory, the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts, the continuation on the personal side … At the same time, she has pushed her into many situations. so confused that she had to be on the Instagram story.

Surf with a meeting application to get to know someone like Lam Tay, who reacts - Photo 1.

The glory brought Yen Xuan many things, but she also pushed her into unnecessary trouble

The story is a personal page of Yen Xuan, which is in public mode. The girl Lam Tay often shares her beautiful and charming images, but sometimes she trains footage of the tutorials she holds on … on her. Everyone can easily follow the places of Yen Xuan.

On his personal page, Yen Xuan often adds to his beautiful, sexy images. And unexpectedly it was "borrowed" and went everywhere, including files

However, the fact that this audience left Instagram led to the scandal of Yen Xuan, who was "borrowed" without permission. Share on other social media sites, although some people even postpone her photos, such as their photos, and upload them to the dating application. This caused many fans not knowing that love was a miracle: Why did Yen Xuan already have Lam, but also participated in three dating applications?

Confronted with this misunderstanding, Yen Xuan had to speak immediately about this story. She cried out and said: "I'm not free to play Tinder. What public image is that I can not control it. Oh, my God!". She also hoped that everyone would not bring her image with the question: "You let me go!".

Surf the meeting application to get to know someone like Lam Tay, who reacts - Photo 3.

The reaction of Lam Tay, after she knew that her image was published on the dating application

Her reaction received a lot of netizens' approval. Yen Xuan comforted that for such a long time the popularity was always accompanied by unnecessary problems. People shook their heads at the current situation of "hiring" pictures of others.

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