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Shares rose “incredibly” … more than 3,750%, land giant Ninh Binh won

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Amid shares of Thai holdings increased by more than 3,700% compared to the listing time, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy registered to buy millions of options and continued to “raise the price” of the shares.

The market has grown despite making a profit

The market began to emerge with profitable activities in this morning session (January 12). However, the cash flow was still very strong and supported the index, which meant that despite the turmoil, the VN-Index still kept most of its time above the reference line.

The provisional conclusion of the morning session increased the HSX main index by 3.09 points, which is 0.26% to 1187.98 points. In contrast, the HNX index was under pressure of a slight decrease of 0.26 points, corresponding to 0.12%, to 218.86 points. The UPCoM index increased by 0.35 points or 0.45% to 77.29 points.

Stocks have increased incredibly ... more than 3,750%, land giant Ninh Binh has won a big score - 1

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy (elected Thuy) – photo: THD

On the HSX, cash flow in the market this morning reached $ 12,307.22 billion and trading volume was 570.56 million units. HNX has 111.65 million shares, or $ 1.580.22 billion; UPCoM trades 41.06 million shares, equivalent to VND 580.5 billion.

The width of the market was still leaning towards profits, but a large number of stocks fell. Specifically, the entire market had 436 promoters, 43 stocks were acquired up to the ceiling and 394 stocks fell, 22 stocks fell to the ground.

This morning, THD rose 0.8% to 126,000 dong and that was also the code that contributed most positively to the HNX index this morning, contributing 0.44 points to the index.

In the last week, THD has increased by 8.71% and up to 147% in just one month. This code was just listed in June 2020 with a reference price (adjusted) of 3,268 dong. So far, THD has risen to 3,756%.

The price of THD is supported by the fact that Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy (elected Thuy) registered to buy nearly 2.9 million rights to purchase additional shares issued in the recapitalization of Thaiholdings.

Thai holdings intends to issue 296.1 million shares to existing shareholders, ratio 539: 2961 (the owner of 1 share has the right to purchase 5.5 new shares). Post-issue share capital increased from VND 539 billion to VND 3,500 billion. The offer price is 10,000 VND / share, which is about 8% of the market price.

Bau Thuy currently has 10.78 million allotted stock options. If the transaction is successful, giant Ninh Binh will have 13.68 million purchase rights. The number of shares expected to be repurchased corresponds to the number of redemption rights per transaction is 85.91 million units. The expected time of the transaction is from 12 to 14 November 2021.

Meanwhile, a number of domestic shareholders of Thai holdings have registered to sell all their purchase rights: Mr. Nguyen Chi Kien – Chairman of the Board sold more than a million purchase rights; Mr. Vu Ngoc Dinh – Deputy General Manager, Head of Supervisory Board Nguyen Thi Vu and Chief Accountant Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha, are selling Dong 539,100 purchase rights each.

Stocks have increased incredibly ... over 3,750%, land giant Ninh Binh has won a big score - 2

THD share price movement

Steel, oil and gas were constantly increasing

A group of steel stocks thrived this morning. A member of Vietnam Steel Corporation increased 8.2% to 9,200 GNI. HPG “Big Man” increased by 2.09% to 43,950 VND; The HSG increased by 3.32% to 24,900 GNI.

In addition, POM increased by 1.89% to 13,500 dong; NKG increased by 2.21% to 16,200 GNI; The VIS increased by 2.04% to 17,500 GNI; SMC increased by 1.27% to 19,900 GNI; TLH increased by 3.81% to 8,180 GNI; The VCA also increased by 4.8% to 13,100 GNI.

Many P-series inventories also increased sharply due to motivation for the recovery in oil prices. PVB increased by 4.2% to VND 22,300, this code was sometimes traded at a maximum price of VND 23,500. The BSR increased by 1.7% to 12,300 GNI.

GAS increased by 0.21% to 93,500 GNI; PLC increased by 2.64% to 31,100 GNI; PFL increased by 9.37% to 3,500 GNI; PXI increased by 4.41% to 3,550 GNI.

Given that market liquidity remained high, the stocks of the securities companies returned to the racetrack. SSI increased by 1.34% to 34,000 dong; VCI increased by 3.77% to 60,600 GNI; GNI increased by 4.59% to 29,600 GNI; SHS increased by 0.76% to 26,400 dong; IVS increased by 6.25% to 10,200 GNI.

According to the VDSC analyst, optimism still remains on the stock market and has shown no sign of ending positive growth. Most stocks in the market show strength when it attracts cash flow.

However, there is a situation where profits are gaining stocks that have risen recently and some blue chips. With the trend still strong, investors can look for short-term opportunities in stocks starting to enter a new rally.

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