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On the morning of March 25, the city council of Hanoi met in order to explain the construction contract. According to the City People's Committee report, there are 12 decisions on inspection of construction, including 1 inspection decision of the State Inspectorate; 3 Inspection orders of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Construction; 7 Conclusions of the inspection of the city inspectorate and 1 decision of the inspection of the Ministry of Construction. Based on the findings of the review, 25 works / projects that violate the construction contract. 4 projects / projects were processed. 21 projects / projects are still being processed, of which 10 projects / projects are considering the transfer of police investigative agencies.

The City People's Committee appendix reports on the names of many project owners and construction violations.

In particular, the project of the urban area of ​​Van Quan-Yen Phuc, Ha Dong district, is invested by the company for housing and urban investment and development; Haong Residential and business center was invested by Hyundai RNC Co., Ltd; Urban area Thanh Ha – Cienco 5; projects to build car parks that combine green campuses and public services on land symbolized by DX1, DX2, DX3, DX4, CX1, CX2 from the new city of Dong Nam on the streets of Tran Duy Hung and Cau Giay; project 93 Lo Duc; 8B Le Truc project …

Especially for Thanh Ha Urban Area Project – Cienco 5, Hanoi City People's Committee said that the content of the violation is convincing to additionally build an area in the attic in 9 residential buildings belonging to the B1 parcel t .4-HH01 and B1. 4-HH02. The cause of the unregulated existence is that the investigative security agency is conducting an investigation that permits Cienco 5 Land to carry out the project.

Inspection of construction performance in accordance with approved planning, quality control of construction works (some projects), real estate business of investment projects for the construction of urban areas, residential area Lai Chau no. 1 private construction company and production BEMES – an import-export joint-stock company as an investor, including secondary-investor projects in Hanoi. The City People's Committee said that the content of the infringement is decisive:

Housing project Xa La, Phuc La and Ha Dong: construction of several floors; violation of the density of construction; apartment, villa. Dai Thanh, Ta Thanh Oai and Thanh Three mixed functional projects: built on 2 floors + attic; violation of the density of construction and purpose of use. Project of mixed houses and shopping centers CT5, Tan Trieu and Thanh Tri: wrongly planned. More specifically, the approved plan is 25 floors + 2 floor KT + 3 basements; fact: 35 floors + 1 attic + 1 basement. Violation of the purpose of the conversion.

The housing project and the DVTM complex in HH3 are part of the complex CC6 and the residential settlement Linh Dam and Hoang Mai: building 1 cellar, and the approved plan is 3 basements.

High-class residential complex project and TM Bemes, Kien Hung, Ha Dong: False planning. More specifically, the plan is approved 31 floors + 1 + 2 + 2 basement, but actually 31 floors + attic + 1 basement. Increase in the number of apartments with low growth approved.

The project is a mixed commercial service, an office for rental and construction of dwellings in VP3 plot, Linh Dam peninsula, Hoang Mai: Incorrect planning. Specifically, the plan is approved 29 floors +2 floors KT + 2 cellars, but in fact 31 floors +1 mansard +1 cellar.

Complex apartments and TM services on HH4 in CC6, Dam Linh, Hoang Mai: Misguided design. Especially planning 3 cellars, but actually 1 basement.

Regarding the reasons for the unresolved reasons, Hanoi Human Rights Committee said that the investigative security agency is conducting an investigation.

By inspecting the exercise of the responsibilities and duties of related organizations and individuals that caused the violations of orders at 8B Le Truc, the Hanoi Human Committee said that the discontinuation plan had been completed. unloading 1 (19. The work continues with the demolition of Phase 2.

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